Friday, February 26

You Be the Judge - My Olympics Ladies Final Results

As mentioned in my previous entry, these results are based on what NBC broadcasted and the final results do not include some skaters (Lepisto, Suzuki, Leonova, Makarova) who finished in the top 10.

1. Yu-Na Kim 76.60 + 142.20 = 218.80
2. Joannie Rochette 72.20 + 132.20 = 204.40
3. Mao Asada 73.30 + 129.55 = 202.85
4. Mirai Nagasu 65.50 + 124.55 = 190.05
5. Miki Ando 62.50 + 120.30 = 182.80
6. Rachael Flatt 61.90 + 113.55 = 175.45

All-in-all, I think the judges got the placements pretty much right in the end. It was close for me between Rochette and Asada, as it was for the judges- just the other way around. I think Kim's scores were a bit too high, but she definitely was the class of the field so it didn't matter that much. Flatt was overmarked in my opinion in both programs, but then again, I am not a huge fan of her skating.


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