Friday, February 26

You Be the Judge - My Olympics Ladies Free Skate Scores

Here are my own scores from the ladies final free skate group, using the feature. The only other skaters I scored were those that NBC showed, which was unfortunately very minimal. Laura Lepisto and Akiko Suzuki, who both had great skates, were not shown but eventually I may go back and score them myself.

1. Yu-Na Kim 142.20
2. Joannie Rochette 132.20
3. Mao Asada 129.55
4. Mirai Nagasu 124.55
5. Miki Ando 120.30
6. Rachael Flatt 113.55

For additional thoughts about these skaters, check out my Youtube video here:

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Anonymous said...

Most of the voters got it right. Yu-Na in the lead, but about 8-10pts lower than what she got; Mao in 2nd place (she landed both 3As, great edging, very good spins, gorgeous spiral, and the best footwork of anyone...despite the fact that program and outfit should be ritually burned to a crisp!); and most felt that Mirai should have won that bronze medal, me included. I'm happy that Joannie won and I was thrilled that Mirai came in 4th (it being her first major senior international event) but had the circumstances been different (ie. Joannie's mother's death was not the focus of the event) I would have placed Mirai in 3rd. Mirai's elements were harder and she was completely clean whereas Joannie struggled a bit. Still, I was thrilled with the outcome of the Olympics...