Tuesday, March 16

2000 World Championships Flashback: Day One

Every day leading up to the 2010 World Championships, I thought it would be a fun little activity to remember back to some of my most fond memories from the 2000 Championship, held in Nice, France. These memories aren't necessarily because of great skates, but just the things in general I remember most, as a 13-year old, about the event!

Day one, however, is definitely a great skate, and it happens to come from my favorite skater of all-time: Russia's Maria Butyrskaya. She was the defending World Champion heading into the event, but had a rough season throughout the Grand Prix and also lost her National Championship to Irina Slutskaya (she skated in the event just days after her car was blown up, supposedly by Russian mafia). Maria rebounded in the free skate at Europeans as well as in the qualfying round of these Worlds, but skating a clean short program had been a problem all season. She drew last to skate, and here is her performance:


Wicked said...

Butyrskaya is one of my faves too!

Tony said...

She's the best! :-)

TJ said...

Just lovely! Just perfect from start to finish. One of her absolute best performances. And for once the judges had her in front of Slutskaya and Kwan who also skated clean.