Saturday, March 20

2000 World Championships Flashback: Day Five

I almost forgot about the topic of the day five installment of my 2000 World Championships flashback until I was looking through the final results of the event.

Julia Obertas and Dmitri Palamarchuk of Ukraine were 20 seconds from the finish of their second senior World Championship long program when disaster struck. He tripped on an edge during an overhead lift and it sent both skaters plowing into the ice so hard that he temporarily lost consciousness. The team twice won the World Junior Champions and were the reigning World Junior silver medalists coming into the event, and they found themselves in 10th place after the short program. The fall obviously forced the team to withdraw from the competition.

American television (ABC) showed a clip of the fall and Palamarchuk being taken off the ice, but when I was looking for the clip on YouTube, I came across the entire free skate from British Eurosport-- something I'd never seen before. I can't find any articles about the incident from a quick glance on Google, but the video will tell the story.

You can watch it here:


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