Tuesday, March 23

2010 World Championships - Compulsory Dance Second Group Live Coverage

In this group, Geil/Matsjuk from Austria, Mysliveckova/Novak from the Czech Republic, Yu/Wang from China, and Good/Sorensen from Denmark.

By the way, this might be the last year of the compulsory dance.

First skaters, Kara Geil/Dmitri Matsjuk of Austria. Camerawork all over the place for them. They better get it together for the later skaters. She's a bit scratchy, he seems like the stronger one as far as basics go. A bit behind the music towards the end. I don't really know how the first part of the dance went because of the cameras.. not that I completely know what's going on, anyways. But it looked okay.. I'll guess they go into third. Replays.. they get into some deep edges at times.

Scores: 14.24/12.45 = 26.69.. that puts them ahead of the Germans.

Lucie Mysliveckova/Matej Novak from the Czech Republic. He's just as skinny as she is. This version of the dance sounds like a carnival. Bleh. Nice extensions from both. Got ahead of the music towards the end but got it back together and I think they were most in time out of any of the couples. The typical scratchy edges on the turns but I think that was a pretty good dance. I think the French were a bit overscored, so I think this will go into second. Sorry for lack of description, it's hard to explain the compulsory dances!

Scores: 14.14/12.81 = 26.95.. yeah, into second but three teams now within 26-points. The kiss and cry is blah, by the way.

Xiaoyang Yu/Chen Wang from China. Started off messy but they are getting it back together. Yay, upper bodies for a whole half of the rink now. Who knows where they will end up.. I've shown already that I'm not good at guessing. When they first started the dance, I thought for sure they would end up in fifth, but it got better... they probably will get thrown into the mix with the three other teams who have scored 26 so far. Seriously, there's about 10 people in the stands right now. Microsoft Silverlight or whatever they call it is going to overheat my Mac really soon. Haters.

Scores: 15.16/13.26 = 28.42... into second.

Katelyn Good/Nikolaj Sorensen from Denmark.

Nice glance of the kiss and cry at the beginning. Sloppy and they skate far apart when they are facing each other.. she seems to get tangled in the hand holds when she does any turning. Timing isn't great and there isn't much extension from either of them. Nice ending, though. I'd guess sixth for now. Both are really messy in the replays.

Scores: 12.44/10.12 = 22.56... into sixth. See, I'm not that bad of a guesser sometimes.

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