Tuesday, March 23

2010 World Championships - Compulsory Dance Third Group Live Coverage

Back from the zamboni break. The stands are starting to fill up now. It's the compulsory dance, when does that happen?! Maybe the crowd knows that it may be the last one in a major international event ever... or maybe it's just a bunch of Italian schoolchildren on a field trip. I can't tell yet.

The third group includes Reed/Japaridze from Georgia, Hoffmann/Zavozin from Hungary, Reed/Reed from Japan, Mallory/Rand from Estonia, and Chitwood/Hanretty from Great Britain.

Allison Reed/Otar Japaridze from Georgia. Yup, about 50 schoolchildren in one section of the stands. I knew it. They don't look too bad, except that she always has the same half-smile on her face throughout the whole performance. The only reason I know this is because the camera gives me the ability to see their faces and not their skates half of the time. I like her finish and her lines a lot.

Scores: 13.92/12.15= 26.07.. into sixth. Another team in the 26 range.

Nora Hoffmann/Maxim Zavozin from Hungary. I don't know how I'd feel about sitting on bleacher seats the entire competition if I was there. Carnival version of the dance. Clean edges when they turn.. they may be the first team to pull that one off! I always thought he was a good dancer but she's even better... she's only 24 and it seems like she's been around forever. That should definitely be first... it was good.

Scores: 15.80/15.67 = 31.47.. and into first.

Cathy Reed/Chris Reed from Japan. So all three Reed siblings in the same group. Morozov at the boards. She leans back on the turns.. it's distracting and down they go. A lot of cheering immediately from the audience. That sucks.. right at the beginning and now they have to do the pattern over and over again. Now they are getting sloppy.. probably being too cautious. Here comes the same pattern again. She and her sister share that half-smile trait I see. Not happy. In the replay.. she really dragged him down. I can't tell if the Morozov replay we saw was when they fell.. he didn't change emotion at all.

Scores: 13.72/13.06 with 2 deductions = 24.78 and into eighth, behind their sister.

Caitlin Mallory/Kristian Rand from Estonia. He looks 12. Obviously slip up by him in the first corner. Camerawork is getting better now. He makes sure not to make the same mistake again the second time around.. but this pattern seemed slower than the first. Well, since I'm not actually judging it, I have no clue where this will place. Either fourth or eighth, probably. Ha.

Scores: 14.18/12.44 = 26.62.. right in the middle of the 26 mess and into sixth. Well in between what I predicted, yes? :-)

Christina Chitwood/Mark Hanretty from Great Britain. Very similar in height like their teammates that we will see later. She looks like she's getting dragged along by him at times, and here's another team that doesn't really extend or finish off any of the moves as much as they can. Behind the music the second time around. Their blades are actually very quiet, though. That wasn't too bad. No more predictions from me until the big names take the ice!

Scores: 13.22/11.48 = 24.70. 10th place. Behind the Reeds who had the big fall. Not sure about that.

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