Tuesday, March 23

2010 World Championships - Compulsory Dance Sixth Group Live Coverage

Final group. Thank God. Pechalat/Bourzat of France, Cappellini/LaNotte of Italy, Khoklova/Novitski of Russia, Davis/White of the USA, and Faiella/Scali of Italy. Both Italian teams in the final group. Maybe the stands will be full by now. Khoklova channeling Barbara Fusar-Poli in 2006 from a distance. Children chanting something again.

Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat of France. She needs to re-dye her hair or do something with it. Scratchy first turns just like, oh.. every other team but better than Virtue and Moir just did. But they keep the scratchiness going while the Canadians more or less lost theirs. Shoot the duck is nice. More face shots. He seems like he's being careful. It's moving smoothly but not with that feeling of complete confidence. I think it'll score right around the Brits' total, probably below it.

Score: 18.80/18.95 = 37.75.. it was close between the two, but into second.

First Italian team, and finally the crowd has some life.. Anna Cappellini and Luca LaNotte. Chanting something.. okay kids shut up, the music started. A whole lot of scratching going on in the first turns. Remember, this team got so unlucky with their draw orders throughout the Olympics.. here's the redemption I guess, getting to skate in the final group. Cleaner at the beginning of the second pattern. Little trip maybe towards the boards. It was okay.. I'm sure they will be in the top ten at the end of the day, probably much higher. Shot of all those children in the stands making that noise. Maybe ahead of the Canadians but behind the Israelis?

Score: 17.06/16.99 = 34.05.. into fourth. Ahead of Zaretskis. I'm definitely okay with that. Top seven at the end of the day.

Jana Khoklova and Sergei Novitski from Russia. Hi Barbara (see beginning of this post).. scratch scratch scratch. Let's see how much they move up as the top Russian couple here. Skating further apart than the current top three teams but they have nice flow.. more effortless than the Kerrs or Pechalat/Bourzat made it look, although not exactly in time with the music. Nice ending with him in a broken spread eagle and she behind him in a spiral. I'd guess this goes into second.

Score: 18.68/19.02 = 37.70.. into third. .05 behind second.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White. Hmph. This isn't to be mean, but with some of her costumes I feel that it makes her head look huge in comparison to her body. Maybe she is that skinny. This is one of those costumes.. Attacking the first sequence as well. Somewhat sloppy in places, I like them better than Virtue and Moir, or at least I think I do, but I would have them behind on this dance. Just small parts of being sloppy and not the overall finish for me that the Canadians had. I'd even venture to guess it will score around the 42 range.

Score: 22.00/21.25 = 43.25.. into second and a bit higher than I guessed.

Finally, Federica Faiella and Massimo Scali. Huge ovation, obviously. More chanting that I don't quite understand. Ugly bottom to her dress.. gray and pink. OK stop showing their faces, she's going to keep that same happy look the entire time. Show it at the end. The beginning was sloppy but I feel like I've said that through every team. He's the better skater today.. not sure if that's usually the case. Again sloppy at the beginning of the second pattern. I don't know that her posture is that great.. underwhelmed. But all the teams from three to five right now had their faults.. probably goes into third, but if it does, shouldn't be by much. Then again, they are at home and have a chance for a medal at Worlds.. probably easily third on second though.

Score: 20.50/20.35 = 40.85.. yup, comfortably third. I like them so I'm not that upset.. just thought they were closer to fourth than they were to second.

Done. The rest of the competition will have much better commentary, I promise. I deserve a cookie for watching all of those dances.. even if it was my own choice to do so :-P

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