Tuesday, March 23

2010 World Championships - Compulsory Dance Fifth Group Live Coverage

And we see Evan Bates singing along to "Empire State of Mind" while waiting to take the ice for warm-up. I think Emily Samuelson was making sure she didn't have any lipstick on her teeth. Close-up of Virtue and Moir.. she is looking more built than I ever remember.

In this group.. Zaretski/Zaretski of Israel, Crone/Poirier of Canada, Samuelson/Bates of the USA, Kerr/Kerr of Great Britain, and Virtue/Moir of Canada.

I said I wasn't going to comment much on the outfits because I don't know enough about fashion, but Vanessa Crone has ugly long straps of material hanging from her arm. Not a fan.

Galit Chait at the boards from Alexandra and Roman Zaretski of Israel. I don't know that I agreed with their 10th placement at the Olympics.. we'll see how this goes. I can't believe he's already 26.. Long dress is going to hide a lot of her line.. maybe that is a good thing? Skating close together and to the rhythm. And we get a good 15 seconds of just their upper bodies. It wasn't bad at all but I don't know how I feel about her posture. I have no idea where it will place.. probably first.

Scores: 16.72/17.07 = 33.79.. yeah, first.

Vanessa Crone and Paul Poirier. Announcer says key-aah-nuh-duh. Fitting that her costume gets the 'carnival' sounding version of the waltz I mentioned earlier, isn't it? I didn't make any notes as they skated, but it definitely wasn't because I was captivated. I thought they were good, though. Better posture and similar depth of edges as the Israelis. I'd probably have them in first right now, but I don't think that will happen.

Scores: 17.36/15.96 = 33.32.. into second. I dunno.

Emily Samuelson and Evan Bates from the USA.. she with another dress that I'm not too crazy about. Kids chanting USA in the background. Interesting. They look a bit sloppy and rushed to be at points.. not really refined like some of the prior teams. At the end of the first pattern it looked like he had a misplaced hand or quickly had to adjust.. something wasn't completely on. Not skating as close as the previous two teams, but it's still not bad.. at least their lines are nice and both have pretty balanced skating skills. Less sloppy through the second pattern.. Well, I'd put them second behind the Canadians and ahead of the Israelis on my own score sheet, but since the Israelis lead.. third?

Scores: 16.78/15.83 = 32.61.. into third. Well I got something right. What do you know?

Sinead Kerr and John Kerr from Great Britain. They look good. Everyone already knows by now that they are basically the same height. The first pattern was extremely well done. Her shoot the duck is nice. This was well skated. I'm pretty sure that's how it always goes for them, though.. stronger in this portion and then weaker in the original and free dances, even if the scores don't always reflect it. I'd have them easily first. Beginning of the choreography has him begging and praying that she will dance with him, and she accepts with a roll of the eyes. Ha. Dress looks too big on her around the waist while she's sitting.

Scores: 18.56/19.00 = 37.56 and yes a big lead.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir from Canada. I mentioned that she's looking more toned, and he does too. Although it's hard to tell through a suit jacket, I guess. STOP WITH THE UPPER BODY SHOTS. Really attacking the opening of the first sequence although the first turns were a bit sloppy.. maybe too much energy. A lot of freedom in their upper body movements, not at all strained or tentative. Cheers after the first sequence. This dance is really moving more than any of the others have prior.. clean edges and finish to all of the moves. I wasn't a huge fan of the team until the Olympics and I realized just how good they are. Easily and obviously the best so far, but I wish he wouldn't have that stupid fake joyful look on his face. All of the dancers have it to an extent, but it just looks silly on him. I don't know why. Not hating. :-)

Scores: 22.22/21.91 = 44.13.. new seasons best and they like that. Almost seven points out in front.

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