Wednesday, March 10

2010 World Championships Entries Published

Please note that there are bound to be many changes in the next two weeks, but let's glance over the initial lists.

Ladies Entries

No surprises here. Not only are all three medalists from the Olympics in, but all of the entries except two are back to compete here (the differences being Austria is sending Kerstin Frank instead of Miriam Ziegler, and Poland is not sending a skater even though Anna Jurkiewicz was in Vancouver). Joelle Forte has her seemingly permanent TBC next to her entry for Azerbaijan. This may be the final competition for many of the skaters, including Belgium's Isabelle Pieman, China's Yan Liu, France's Gwendoline Didier, Great Britain's Jenna McCorkell, Hungary's Julia Sebestyen, Slovenia's Teodora Postic, Switzerland's Sarah Meier, Turkey's Tugba Karademir, and Uzbekistan's Anastasya Gimazetdinova. To my knowledge, only Sebestyen has confirmed this will be her final year.

Mens Entries

Evan Lysacek and Johnny Weir from the USA are not competing, replaced by Ryan Bradley and Adam Rippon. Kevin Reynolds replaces Vaughn Chipeur for Canada. Chipeur had a disappointing Olympics and really his entire season has been poor besides his showing at his national championship. Florent Amodio is France's only sure entry, while Brian Joubert, Alban Preaubert, and Yannick Ponsero will have a test-skate to determine the second entry. Maciej Cieplucha will be Poland's entry. Peter Liebers replaces Stefan Lindemann for Germany, and Jamal Othman replaces Stephane Lambiel for Switzerland. Both Lindemann and Lambiel have retired, and this may also mark the final competition for Belgium's Kevin Van der Perren, Finland's Ari-Pekka Nurmenkari, Italy's Samuel Contesti, Japan's Daisuke Takahashi, and the United States' Ryan Bradley.

Pairs Entries

Olympic Champions Shen/Zhao have retired, and are replaced by Dong/Wu. No other surprises on this list, although Russia's Mukhortova/Trankov and the Ukraine's Volosozhar/Morozov will most likely make this their last competition as pairs. Olympic silver medalists Pang/Tong will probably retire after Torino, as well.

Dance Entries

The top two teams from the Olympics, Virtue/Moir and Davis/White will go head-to-head again, and although bronze medalists Domnina/Shabalin are on the entries list, they will not be skating in Torino; Rubleva/Schafer will replace them. France's Delobel/Schoenfelder made their Olympic comeback short and sweet, and have retired, replaced by Carron/Jones. Vancouver competitors Coomes/Buckland from Great Britain have been replaced by Chitwood/Hanretty, and Germany's Beier/Beier have been replaced by Hermann/Hermann. The United States' Belbin/Agosto have been replaced by Navarro/Bommentre.

Changes to the entry list will be noted in blog updates as they become available.

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