Tuesday, March 23

2010 World Championships - Ice Dance Compulsory Dance Live Coverage

I'm here, are you?!

American viewers can watch the full event along with me at UniversalSports.com.

Introduction of officials. 10 people in the stands at this point. Cinquanta introduced. Referee, Walter Zuccaro. Technical Panel: Controller, Gilles Vanderbroeck, Specialist, Marie Bowness, Assistant Specialist, Sergei Ponomarenko.

Judges: 1: Katalin Alpern; 2: Tianyi Chung, 3: Julia Semjonova, 4: Laimute Kruaziene; 5: Rolf Pipoh, 6: Robyn S. Nott; 7: Tomie Fukudome; 8: Jarmila Portova; 9: Elena Buriak

Introduction of first warm-up group. In this group Maitz/Ucar of Turkey -- compulsory dance music starts to play. Oh how familiar I am going to get with this by the end of the day. I'll probably dream about it tonight. One thing I won't be telling you about, by the way, is the costuming. I don't know how to describe them at all aside from the colors. Sorry! Also in the group, O'Brien/Merriman of Australia, Hermann/Hermann of Germany, and Carron/Jones of France. The compulsory dance, by the way, is the Golden Waltz.

Jenette Maitz and Alper Ucar from Turkey. He used to be a singles skater.. first year of dance. Basic opening. REALLY scratchy edges from the beginning. Really close to the boards in the first corner. The pumping up and down is really obvious, something that will not be noticeable with the top groups. None of the leg extensions are particularly finished off or stretched all the way out, and they seem like they are moving really slow yet they still end up right against the boards in all of the corners. He in particular is being really careful, not lifting his free leg up very high above the ice. Very abrupt ending.. they just skidded into the final pose. BUT it's the first team, they obviously haven't been together that long. It wasn't a disaster. In the replays, you see how scratchy all of the edges were.

Scores: 10.14/7.22 = 17.36. He looks happy, she looks indifferent.

Danielle O'Brien and Gregory Merriman from Australia. Also scratchy with their edges but to a lesser extent. Why is the camera showing their upper bodies? Both can have more extension on the pushes. Their timing is decent and they did a nice little rotational lift at the end. Now ice dance isn't my speciality like the singles disciplines are, but I think that was an okay dance. He can work on his posture a bit, but they skated close together.

Scores: 11.82/9.25 = 21.07. She looks happy, he's content. Lower than I thought, but I'm also not scoring it.

Carolina Hermann/Daniel Hermann of Germany. There's one part of the first pattern in this dance where the camera always goes to their upper bodies. Hmph. Well, their posture is much improved from the first two teams, and they are getting some nice pushes and speed without it looking as obvious. Not bad. Should easily be in first place at this point. The Olympic rings are still up in the arena. If you didn't know, this arena played host for the 2006 Olympic Games. Anyways, replays.. she has a really straight back, it's nice. It looks like on some of the turns that he's pulling her rather than her actually changing direction.

Scores: 14.02/12.34 = 26.36

Pernelle Carron/Lloyd Jones from France. Well I really liked Carron/Jost.. this is their first year as well. He's much taller than she. His edges are scratchy while hers are pretty much clean. She reminds me of Irina Lobacheva circa 2001-2002 from a distance. He's kinda stiff with his upper body, and his shoulders shrug. I dunno.. yeah, they are new. I just have to see more of Jones' skating to make a decision about them. I don't think their timing was all that great, but they should be second at this point.

Scores: 15.88/14.67 = 30.55. Welp, shows how much I know. They have Zazoui as a coach, I'm sure that doesn't hurt.

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