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2010 World Championships - Ladies Long Program Group One Live Blogging

Setting up shop for the final portion of the World Championships!

TC: Katarina Henricksson; TS: Shin Amano; AST: Annet Poetzach-Rauschenbach- 1980 Olympic champ.

Judge 1: Daniel Delfa; 2: Eddy Wu; 3: Catherine Taylor; 4: Igor Obraztov; 5: Chihee Rhee; 6: Antica Grubisic; 7: Ingrid Charlotte Wolter; 8: Tamie Campbell; 9: Neil Garrard.

Warm-up includes Anastasia Gimazetdinova from Uzbekistan, Sonia Lafuente from Spain; Min-Jung Kwan from Korea; Manouk Gijsman from the Netherlands; Elena Glebova from Estonia; Akiko Suzuki from Japan.

Gimazetdinova with that bright red hair.. it actually looks okay on her, better than the black she had previously at least. She's had this purple dress for a while now. Pans away as she sets up a jump. Lafuente.. spread eagle into a double Axel, turned out but I think it's because there was traffic.. double Axel/double toe at the other corner. Kwak.. she's so tiny.. single Lutz deliberate.. double Lutz.. American Woman, by the way, is playing.. there's no American woman in this group.. Gijsman.. high triple flip but she falls.. I went back and watched her short program from the earlier session yesterday and she did a gorgeous flip.. Glebova.. Missed her first jump but it was in combo with a double toe.. three turns and the camera pans to Suzuki.. something in sequence with double Axel.. she gets loud cheers from the audience.. I expect her to start the trend of wild movement throughout the event. Really nice triple flip.. why couldn't she do that in the short?!

First up, Anastasia Gimazetdinova.. Butyrskaya's made-famous Otonal by Raul di Blasio. I would THINK this is her final event, but you never know.. gains nice speed pretty easily.. triple Lutz short on rotation and fell -3.. triple toe/double toe with nice distance but not much height.. 0.. triple Salchow she falls out -2.. doube Axel/double Axel sequence step out in the second.. also maybe a bit short of the full rotation -1.. flying camel with a twist variation and a catchfoot.. 0.. not much going on besides the stroking, but at least she does it nicely.. double toe way forward as soon as she took off and a hand down.. -2.. double Salchow.. 0.. single Axel.. 0.. she's losing it. I didn't like how close all the jump elements were in the program, at all. Spiral catchfoot change edge lets go, y spiral in front.. same as well will see with the next 23 ladies... okay speed.. 0.. circular step sequence.. she's keeping the speed alright but hasn't done much of anything but stroking prior.. that may be why.. 0.. camel/sit low/upright/change/catchfoot is okay.. 0.. the change foot saved the spin.. layback travel and the position is just okay throughout.. variation and catchfoot.. -1. Well, obviously a disaster. Where did her triple Lutz go? She used to have such a nice one. I'm pretty sure she had a flip and a loop, too. She kept skating clean short programs at the World Championships from 2006-2008, and the 2008 one in particular was really really nice-- much better than what this program showed off. Little interpretation, almost no transitions, but decent basic skating skills. The mistakes took the air out of the end of the program, but she's not one that particularly really sells it, anyways. If she does retire after this, I wish her the best.

Score: 29.47/36.32 -1.00 = 64.79. Yeah, that's pretty bad.

Sonia Lafuente up next.. she's in 21st place right now and skating to Orobroy and Poeta- a piece Stephane Lambiel used just slightly successfully in the past. triple flip fell but I think rotated -3.. we will see on replay.. triple loop is alright.. 0.. spread eagle into a double Axel is nice.. +1.. double Axel/double toe is ookay 0.. camel/upright/upright with layback catchfoot.. 0.. straight line footwork.. 0.. music developed a strong beat and she didn't really follow it, slow into triple toe/double toe/double loop.. the loop was the best jump in that.. 0.. posing and selling the choreograophy.. some transitional moves.. stroking is okay, somewhat pumping.. triple loop/double toe.. her toe jumps are TINY.. 0.. spiral sequence is shockingly the same exact thing Anastasia just did but much smoother, and a nice last position.. +1.. sit variation.. simple spin for the long program I'd think.. 0.. double toe.. 0.. camel/sit/holds it/upright y-spin/upright variation.. that kept the speed and little traveling.. nice one +1.. moments of listening to the music but again not much in the beginning with all of the jump elements in a row. Decent speed.. skating is average. Nice job though.. hopefully she gets the flip for next year.

Score: 45.39/41.20 -1.00= 85.59.. seasons best 133.31 overall and first.

Min-Jung Kwan from Korea now coached by Brian Orser as her teammate Yu-na is. Les Miserables. Triple Lutz/double toe.. 0.. Lutz was a little swingy on the landing but just fine.. triple flip two-footed on a deep outside edge -2.. back to the other end for a triple loop.. 0.. camel/sit/sasha really good/change/sit low/upright +1.. she looks 12. Slow section begins.. she carries herself well, and actually has speed for as tiny as she is.. single Lutz.. 0.. all the jumps have a long set-up.. spiral catchfoot nice position, leg in front to a back outside spiral.. that was different.. +1.. triple Salchow.. 0.. layback sideways to regular drops the leg and catchfoot/Biellmann.. nicely done +2.. circular footwork.. music is fun, she has a stone face.. focusing too much.. 0.. double Axel with no set-up 0.. Ina Bauer slightly.. double Axel/double toe.. 0.. flying sit change edge and position twice.. nice again but slowed +1. Good skate aside from the pop.. but she really makes it obvious when the jumps are coming, especially the flip and Lutz. Flip is on a really deep outside edge. Spins are great, though, maybe second best to Nagasu in the field. Orser says that it wasn't bad.

Score: smiles this time, no crying. 34.69/38.32 = 73.01. Jumps obviously downgraded. I didn't think any were that obvious.. so I'll keep my GOE's.

Manouk Gijsman.. the last qualifier to the free skate.. Phantom of the Opera.. triple flip fell -3.. double Axel fall out -2.. triple loop big but stepped out -2.. posture and stroking below average but not bad.. triple Salchow/double toe big again.. 0.. flying sit with variation and donut-type.. 0.. spiral.. blade held and dropped on the change edge.. first edge was not held thee seconds.. y-spin in front... -3.. she should have a level 1. triple loop not rotated and came out after 2.5 -3.. double Axel fell out -2.. this is a mess for her.. triple Salchow had turns after as she tried to hold it -1.. straight line step actually nicely done +1.. camel/donut/upright/change/sit/layback all okay positions throughout 0.. layback sideways to traditional to catchfoot to dropping the leg.. 0. again positions all just okay. Nothing really clean in the program aside from the first combo she did. Short program she related to the music more, she really skated through most of this and didn't have any transitions. Choreography wasn't really there either, so the interpretation wasn't either. Should have the lowest components so far. Still, she has big air on all of her jumps and I think she has a future once she can add some content in-between everything.

Score: 32.70/32.80 -1.00 = 64.50. Into 4th with 111.94.

Elena Glebova skating to Cappricio Espagnol.. 22nd place. Pushes up and down on crossovers.. Triple loop/double toe.. very twisty with the landing but done.. 0.. double Axel missed in the short program but done here with not the best tecnhnique -.. triple Salchow step out/double toe/double toe.. sequence now and -1.. blade held spiral change edge let go.. y-spiral in front... 0.. triple toe/double toe flowed well +1.. upright spin change layback and rotates the other way for 2 revolutions and really travels in the short time 0.. triple Salchow.. 0.. triple toe.. 0.. double Axel 0.. flying sit with donut/variation 0.. straight line footwork.. it's okay, not too complex.. 0.. camel is not a good position/sit... fell! level 1 and -3 for that.. and just does a turn or two to wait for the end of the program. Well that just killed it. All of these programs in the first group feature jump jump jump within maybe 10 or 15 seconds.. I don't like it. there's not many in betweens and with all of the jumps being done so close together, you would think there would be plenty of time for choreography and interpreting the music.. not the case. Levandi as always smiling. Glebova used to have a triple Lutz and I think a flip, too. Wonder where they went. Her best performance was at the Trophee Bompard a few years ago in the short program, I think 2007. They really scored her high for it, too, but now it's turning into a one-error short for her almost every time, and if not, then she's getting downgraded.. Ordinary all around.

Score: 43.65/42.48 -1.00 = 85.13.. 132.85 and 2nd by a slim margin to Lafuente.

Akiko Suzuki who obviously had a nightmare of a short program to end up in this group.. music is West Side Story. 20th place coming in. Loud response as she takes her position. Time to move way up, Akiko. triple flip/double toe/double loop.. long entry but okay.. 0.. triple toe/double Axel sequence is done well +1.. triple loop is also well done +1.. camel/variation/sit/y-spin/sit variation/upright is all nicely done +1.. why can't she ever deliver in the short? blade spiral to change edge and let go.. nice positions but slow.. y-spiral in front is okay.. 0.. keeping up the speed.. single flip 0.. triple Lutz maybe take off on the flat.. turns out -1.. triple loop/double Axel sequence again well done +1.. triple Salchow is okay too 0.. flying camel change edge and then the variation and catchfoot.. all good except the speed at the end +1.. now she gets into the energy with the straight line footwork and a smile... she's selling this and it's well done +2.. flying camel change edge/sit low/change/sideways to layback.. +1 again all good positions. That was a very typical long program for her.. I wish she wouldn't always have the mistakes in the short program, but this time was obviously a lot more severe than usual. I think she feels really comfortable with the program, everything is always so solid. Only the one mistakes on her single flip but it should score relatively high, depending on how high the judges want to go with her components for being in the first group. Interpretation and the performance marks should be highest. Still, not too many transitions.

Score: 58.96/52.72 = 111.68. 160.04 and into 1st. Decent score for the first group.

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