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2010 World Championships - Ladies Short Program Group Eight Live Blogging

An ice resurfacing and then back for the eighth group, when Universal Sports goes live I think and hopefully that means back to the live feed. in this group: Ivana Reitmayerova from Slovakia, Viktoria Helgesson from Sweden, Tamar Katz from Israel, Tugba Karademir from Turkey, Ksenia Makarova from Russia, and Myriane Samson from Canada.

OK, I have the feed back now. Stories to look out for in this group. Sarah Meier, 9th in the world last year, most likely needs 5 ladies out of the 6 in this group to score lower than her to even make the free skate. First in line to qualify are Lafuente, Glebova, and Kwak. Phaneuf, Hecken, McCorkell, Lee, Liu, and Gimazetdinova are already in.

Reitmayerova with a single Axel at the beginning of the warm-up.. into a double Axel with a turn out.. Helgesson with a turn out of her triple loop.. double flip with a big lean in the air.. Katz with a double Lutz.. probably wants to have a good showing here after her Olympic committee removed her spot from the Games after her Europeans showing.. nice triple Lutz/double toe on the second try.. Karademir.. triple flip/double toe with a hand over the head.. always with the curving edge on her landing.. Makarova did a jump that I missed.. Samson into a nice triple flip. Ottavio Cinquanta gets his 5 seconds of air-time. Polite applause, but naturally nothing special!

Ivana Reitmayerova starts the group. After her great season last year, she's really struggled throughout this year. Music is called Memories of a Lover.. triple toe/double toe is fine.. as is the double Axel.. camel change edge/sit low slows/change layback catchfoot.. slow. 0.. catchfoot upright spiral changing edge dipping down and letting go of the blade.. y-spiral.. all the girls with the same thing.. that was nice though.. +1.. double Salchow.. -3.. right into a layback with a Biellmann.. +1.. straight line footwork.. the whole program is moving slow and the footwork is no exception but she has some nice edgework.. +1.. flying camel change edge again and she holds it and brings in the blade to a catchfoot that ends up with no speed at all, the beginning was really nice though. 0.. judges probably give it in the +. She smacks her head. Silly mistake on the Salchow. If you didn't know, the jump out of footwork needs to be a triple. Nice skating but much like Liu I don't think she really does anything to stand out.. her jumps are big when she lands them, but she's still stuck with just the toe and Salchow as far as triples go.

Score: 25.60/20.36 = 45.96.. in 11th place. Lafuente is in.

Viktoria Helgesson next.. always goes for the pretty music in her short programs even though her skating is strong.. nice triple flip/double toe.. +1.. she's moving well, posture and carriage can be better though, triple loop with no real steps right into it but gorgeous jump.. 0.. judges might be generous. double Axel was really pretty +1.. flying sit is low and changes to a variation with her leg wrapped.. slow though.. 0.. sideways spin to layback and drops the free leg.. centered but okay positions.. 0.. this is a really great skate for her.. the footwork is straight line flowing well and she's giving it some emotion.. +1.. again those arms in the crossovers not the best.. spiral inside to outside and dips down on the change.. grabs the blade.. and a y-spiral with arm movements to show control.. 0.. camel/sit low/change/sit variation again/upright with the very minimum two revolutions.. I think she'll get credit but that last part traveled.. -1. She looks happy but not jumping up and down as I expected she would. I really liked it, good for her!

Score: 32.68/23.64 = 56.32 and she's into 2nd behind Phaneuf. Now she's excited, but the coaches (one being her mom) are even more excited.

Tamar Katz now. Gone With the Wind. triple Lutz forward and fell forward -3.. her movements have always been somewhat frantic and not finished to me. steps into triple flip with a step-out.. -2.. flying sit with change edge right away to a variation.. nice.. +1.. Ina Bauer into double Axel with another step-out.. -2.. camel/sit change edge/variation/change/catchfoot.. again a good spin.. +1.. selling the choreography through the straight line footwork which is decent as well.. +1.. really nice inside spiral to outside with a high catchfoot.. another great position in the y-spiral.. +2.. layback with a change edge!, catchfoot, and a Biellmann.. great spinner! +2. She's not going to qualify after missing all three jump elements, but the spins were great and her spirals were also great. She's not happy at all after the performance, but nice that it didn't interfere during the actual skate. Mentioned sloppy in the beginning, it wasn't as noticeable in the second half. Lutz probably not rotated to receive credit for a triple, flip was on two-feet..

Score: 25.20/20.76 -1.00= 44.96 and she goes into 14th. Elena Glebova qualifies.

And right away into Universal Sports TV coverage with Weir and Carruthers. Karademir, the American media darling, is not going to be shown because they are chattering through it! Lipinski and Joyce will be doing the commentary today. Talk about Mao and Yu-Na, as usual. Blah blah.

Karademir, by the way, wasn't shown at all and 44.52, into 15th. Kwak is in. Bad skate for Karademir.

Ksenia Makarova next. Talk about how she considers Johnny family. Don't hate, but I find her somewhat sloppy still and agree with her marks most of the time while others find her undermarked. triple toe/triple toe was okay.. 0.. barely any footwork into  triple flip, but she did it.. -1.. double Axel is nice.. 0.. flying sit spin low position and changes the edge.. travels slightly but fast.. +1.. stroking sloppy.. catchfoot spiral changed edge and dipped down to a nice outside spiral.. y-spiral.. okay position but strong sequence.. +1.. camel with change edge.. gorgeous/sit low/change/y-spin strong positions.. +2.. straight line footwork.. relatively simple but kept the speed.. +1.. layback is gorgeous into catchfoot and a Biellmann.. again really nice +2. Of course, really happy with that. Needs to go back to the basics with her stroking, it's very typically unfinished Russian (not that it's horrible, but you know what I mean.. I hope?!). Components though should be a bit above average, especially on the choreography and performance marks. Still a bit reserved, but that will come. Okay, I became more of a fan with this performance.

Score: 36.90/25.16 = 62.06 and into first. Well done!

Myriane Samson. Mentioning of the skating instead of Joannie Rochette. Warsaw Concerto is her music. Average posture. Down on the triple Lutz, no combo. -3.. double Axel is a good recovery.. 0. Lipinski says she crunches her body on the way down.. hard fall on triple flip and down Phaneuf needs a top 10 because this won't qualify. -3.. camel/sit/upright/change/catchfoot is nice, average speed +1.. catchfoot spiral to let go on the change edge.. y-spin.. 0.. Lipinski says she skates on top of the ice rather than it helping her. sideways spin to layback with a catchfoot that slows down.. 0. straight line footwork.. Lipinski says she needs to dig into her edges and fill out ice more. 0.. flying sit spin with a nice variation to a donut spin.. nice, but slow. 0. Messy and average skating all-around. She was third in Canada earning her trip here, but Amelie Lacoste placed higher at the Four Continents and also is a consistent short program skater. I'm a bit surprised they didn't send her, but I think the federation has been really trying to push Samson these last few years.

Manouk Gijsman from the Netherlands! almost certainly qualifies now. Reitmayerova and Meier are next in line if any of the final 12 want to pull an Oda.

Score: 44.20 and 17th place. That's even a bit generous I'd say.

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