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2010 World Championships - Ladies Short Program Group Nine Live Blogging

In the group Carolina Kostner from Italy, home crowd, does a nice triple toe.. Mao Asada from Japan does steps into a nice triple flip.. Kiira Korpi from Finland.. popped Lutz.. Miki Ando from Japan.. Joyce says it seems to her like she's outdated.. not the same fire-power.. triple Lutz/triple loop looks clean. Lipinski says she was great in practice in Vancouver but loses it in competition.. Laura Lepisto from Finland is also in the group as they go to commercial, as is Elene Gedevanishvili from Georgia.

Carolina Kostner starts it off, with new coach at the boards. Looks focused to the point of nervous to me. Great speed into triple flip/double toe.. nice coverage +1.. played it safe but just land the jumps please.. triple loop is doubled.. -3.. shoulders outside the circle.. inside to outside spiral and grabs the blade.. nice stretch, into a y-spiral. +1.. carries herself very well.. nice double Axel.. +1.. layback spin is basic and she drops the foot and then back up into a catch-foot.. slow and ordinary. 0.. flying sit with a change of edge and twist variation.. 0.. slow. Lipinski says spins are usually better. I think they are always mediocre. Circular steps with personality +1.. camel with variation/change/sit/catchfoot.. 0. Ordinary spins, ordinary program. I've definitely liked some prior stuff much more than this, and her speed that she is capable of doesn't show at all in the program. Still, not a complete disaster but probably enough to keep her out of the final free skate group.

Score: 33.20/29.00 = 62.20.. 1st place. Definitely deserved much higher components than Makarova.. I'd have to score it myself to decide who I'd put first. Only in first by .14.

Mao Asada.. Masquerade Waltz.. triple Axel/double toe looks nice +1, no hand over the head but again always have to check the replay with her.. triple flip is done well +1.. sideways to layback spin drops the leg and then up into a Biellmann.. ends well but slow in the middle.. +1. Now she gets going into catchfoot spiral change edge and lets go to hold on by the leg.. into a sideways type spiral.. nice positions.. +2.. spread eagle turns the other way to double Axel.. +1.. flying sit with change of edge and position. again lacking some speed +1.. straight line footwork the most complex buy far that we've seen.. she's having fun, too. +2.. camel change edge/catchfoot/sit/layback... messy and slow. 0. I guarantee the judges give it in the + but I don't think it's deserved. She came to life with this.. it was a good performance, just still doesn't really move me aside from the intensity leading into the triple Axel. She says "I think it's okay", probably about the Axel. I'm waiting for the replay, too. I don't know.. it's awfully close, per usual.

Score: 37.12/30.96 = 68.08.. Axel had to get downgraded. She still looks a lot more relaxed and happy. Maybe it's because she doesn't have Tarasova's constant stress and intensity. I'm keeping my +1 for the jump, because the judges don't know whether it's called a triple or double, either.

Kiira Korpi.. triple Lutz not rotated and big fall just like in Vancouver.. -3.. steps into a beautiful triple loop +2.. sideways spin into layback with catchfoot.. fast and decent centering.. +1.. double Axel pitched forward and at a stand-still -1.. at least the loop was really good, I guess. spiral with held blade change edge into outside spiral.. average. y-spiral.. better than the first but 0. flying sit out of a transition with variation.. kinda fought for it and didn't hold it long at the end, still +1. straight line footwork. Lipinski says all the footwork sequences are really slow because of all the content. average footwork 0.. camel/sit variation/sit change edge/sasha spin.. centers them well and they are fast, but just okay positions. +1 anyways. So-so program for me. I think she can do a lot more than this but she will probably still score well-- enough to go into 4th place would be my guess. Nice fast spins and they are well-centered, basic skating is a bit above average but not yet great, and she had some nice transitions in the program.

Score: 26.68/26.04 -1.00 = 51.72.. okay 8th place. They really didn't care for her this time. Probably fine by my scorecard.

Miki Ando.. I don't always care for her skating but I think this program is pretty decent.. WOW. cheated triple Lutz and a fall, no combo. -3.. keeps it together on the triple flip.. 0. y-spiral around a circle to a change edge spiral with a catchfoot on the outside change edge. 0.. double Axel is squeaked out.. 0.. flying sit spin travels and then changes position.. 0.. this is falling flat big-time. layback spin increases the speed and adds a one handed catch foot at the end but not strong positions. 0 Standing in place for a good 5 seconds before the footwork.. this is one of her better elements and now we see some facial expressions at least. +1.. not the usually intensity though, still. camel/sit low and nice/change/sasha spin and that was a good spin, finally. +2. Joyce says she didn't sell it. I completely agree. This did nothing for me. Her basics and all of her components are always overscored in my opinion, and with the mistake and lack of fire, I wonder if they will be forced to bring them down. Morozov is smiling. He's probably relieved she got it back together after the first jump. She doesn't look too mad about the mistake, honestly. Triple flip might even be downgraded as I see in replay.

Score: 28.70/28.08 -1.00 = 55.78.. 6th place right now. Components 7 average.. hmm. Don't know. But she really didn't receive any gifts.

Laura Lepisto.. moves so effortlessly although I don't always care for her arms... triple toe/triple toe was right on +1.. landed the loop nicely too and pretty quick out of footwork.. +1.. flying sit is low and changes edge and donut position.. fast and centered well.. +2.. layback drops foot and then up to a catchfoot.. +1.. double Axel and she FALLS OUT! -3.. figures. catchfoot spiral change edge and lets go... y-spin is okay.. 0. Moves well at the beginning of the footwork.. it's a straight line that wasn't really close to the boards in the beginning.. +1 if it was close enough. camel/long sit/change/sit change edge and the upright position wasn't shown, as the feet were zoomed in on, but it looked like she barely got two revolutions. 0. Started out strong and kept it together at the end, but not with the same fire. She moves like Gumby to me sometimes.. and I don't know if I am a huge lover of that, but she definitely has great basics and strong control of her edges.

Score: 34.98/29.32 = 64.30.. personal best? LOL. Second place. Should have really strong components scores, as she does, but I don't quite know about that.

Elene Gedevanishvili.. same Fever that Butyrskaya used in 1998. And yes, I'll mention her every chance I get. Crowd into it. Triple Lutz two footed and tried to hang on.. big fall -3.. triple toe/triple toe looked a bit short to me on the second -2.. layback drops and then catchfoot.. fast but just okay for me +1.. nice spiral that i can't really describe but lets go and just holds her leg up.. backwards catchfoot.. thats nice +1.. double Axel is nice too out of the spiral +1.. camel/change edge/sit/y sasha.. +1.. not fast enough.. straight line footwork.. not really selling it as she's capable of.. but it has a lot of content and done well +1.. flying sit with change of edge and a nice blade hold.. into a pancake position +1... spins are nice, if they could just be a bit faster they could probably all be +2.. I think some of the judges will even give her it now. Just fell flat for me, this whole group has really aside from Mao, and she didn't even move me that much. First triple toe was two footed and the second was cheated. This probably won't score all that well.

Score: 30.34/25.92 -1.00= 55.26.. in 8th place.

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