Friday, March 26

2010 World Championships - Ladies Short Program Group Seven Live Blogging

Okay, now I'm in the swing of things again. Didn't take too long. In this group.. Sarah Hecken from Germany, Sonia Lafuente from Spain, Yan Liu from China, Teodora Postic from Slovenia, and Jenna McCorkell from Great Britain. Hecken looks cute in this dress, I think it's new. Nice double Axel. Lafuente with a nice spread eagle into a double Axel.. and a nice triple toe.. double loop for practice.. Liu comes close to McCorkell but then goes into a spiral turns triple Salchow/double toe.. double loop.. Postic looks like Maria Butyrskaya with more severe eye shadow and brighter lipstick.. she goes into a high triple Salchow. All of the jumps so far have been spot on from all of the ladies that they've shown. Gold blades for Teodora. McCorkell whose husband Kevin Van der Perren did well last night strokes down the ice into a big popped single Lutz.. as soon as I say something about the jumps that happens. Again sets up the same pattern and is going for it again, but the camera cuts away as soon as she takes off. That's happened all week.

Current standings are Phaneuf far out in front, Lee in second, and Gimazetdinova in third. Sarah Meier is down in 7th. Not a good skate for her clearly, and I'm pretty sure this is her final event.

Sarah Hecken is up first.. Romeo and Juliet the Prokofiev edition.. triple toe/tripe toe from her as well and another good one! +1.. triple Salchow nicely done too with the slightest of pauses +1.. double Axel also clean and nice +1.. flying sit with a little twist of the upper body into a variation.. okay speed but nice positions and centering.. +1.. Spiral with held blade behind, change edge and lets go, same spiral with blade held in front as Glebova.. same pattern.. 0.. layback is okay into a catchfoot almost to the head.. speed okay.. 0.. music picks up.. straight line step not done with much speed.. she's excited but slowing down through it.. 0.. camel/change edge/change/sit low/upright.. sloppy position at the end and slow throughout but she could care less.. 0.. she's thrilled! Great skate, she has a lot of potential at 15 or maybe 16 now? And she looks very pretty. Stroking and posture can improve but every single one of her jump elements were gorgeous! Judges will probably go for a 0 GOE on her Salchow, it wasn't very high but she landed it perfectly. I think she's doing her make-up a lot different than prior here, because she looks much different.

Score: 33.64/21.56 = 55.20 seasons best and she's shocked.. 2nd place!

Sonia Lafuente up next. Music is Libertango. She's very feisty. I can tell. Opening moves to set the character. Triple loop and she goes down.. -3.. posture leaves a lot to be desired still.. triple toe/double toe.. added the combo there and it was solid.. 0.. double Axel with a spread eagle is okay too.. 0.. layback into a Biellmann that slows down.. camera was on the feet so I'm not sure about the GOE but it looked average.. 0.. Spiral held blade into change edge let go of the blade... familiar.. y-spiral which is nice but held very minimally 0.. she might lose her levels there.. flying camel with change edge and then donut spin.. first position was unique but kinda ugly.. 0.. straight line step.. has some nice intensity +1.. camel/sit low/y-upright/upright change edge.. that was her best spin by far +1.. To her credit, the program got stronger as she went and she didn't let the fall ruin it.. she kept up the speed, too. I think she might go above Glebova and into 5th.. depends on the components, which should be average.

Score: 27.08/21.64 -1.00 = 47.72.. yeah, I got that right. 5th. They actually tied in scores but Lafuente wins on technical elements!

Yan Liu.. I've heard this Impossible Dream music you speak of somewhere before :-).. spiral into triple Salchow/double toe.. jump was okay, entrance was nice +1.. triple loop with steps.. a bit wound up in the take-off but landed... 0.. spiral outside to inside with catch-foot.. y-spiral with blade held low insitead of typical high.. 0.. clean double Axel right out of the spiral.. +1.. flying camel with change edge.. into a catchfoot above a donut.. slow but the positions were nice.. 0.. right into a layback with another.. catchfoot.. slow.. 0.. straight line footwork is just okay.. 0.. camel/sit/change edge/sasha spin/change/sit/upright.. just okay again.. 0. Everything was soft and lyrical, and I suppose it suits her skating which is very slow, but she just doesn't do anything to the point of making it stand out. It's the type of skate you say good job and forget about a few minutes later, and I feel like she's always been stuck that way. Everything was completed though, and that's the point. I'm going to say third, but I didn't see Cheltzie Lee so I don't know for sure.

Score: By the way, to her credit, she really got herself back together this year. Remember she was 11th in the 2006 Olympics in this arena but then really fell apart the last few years.. 28.52/21.44 = 49.96.. well, into 4th. Again I didn't see Lee so I have no opinion.

Teodora Postic skating to a beautiful piece of music called Coeur a Cordes.. Tugba Karademir used it for two seasons a while back and I really enjoyed it then.. and the feed is lost right before she starts. Well, this would have been enjoyable music to listen to for 3 minutes..

40.20 overall and into 15th. That won't qualify.

Still no feed for Jenna McCorkell. Clean skate from her, though. Maybe Kevin told her the secret after last nights performance. I have a feeling this is her last competition, too. 52.12 for her and she's into 3rd.

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