Friday, March 26

2010 World Championships - Ladies Short Program Group Ten Live Blogging

Ice resurfacing. Weir promotes Makarova some more, not that I mind. She did well. He doesn't understand why she's behind Lepisto and Kostner..

Mirai Nagasu from USA, Yu-na Kim from Korea, Akiko Suzuki from Japan, Rachael Flatt from the USA, Julia Sebestyen from Hungary, and Alena Leonova from Russia in the final group.. talk about Nagasu and how it will be telling to see how she does and she can follow up a great Nationals and Olympics here.. Weir says most important thing is to skate clean, not necessarily triple/triple. Flatt.. they talk about her quick rotation in the air. Not really listening to them chatter on, but now talking about whether they think Kim is beatable.. and they don't think so.

Asada interviewed.. needs to ask what the word for sad is, but they laugh that she knows the word downgrade. She looks so relaxed to me.

Flatt pops a flip into a single in the warm-up, Julia Sebestyen.. 28 years old now as they mention.. Lipinski mentions that she skated with her, and they did in the 1998 Olympics! Did a jump while I typed that, missed it. Alena Leonova does a triple Lutz (or maybe it was a flip, I'm not paying complete attention) with a fall out.. Lipinski loves her, reminds her of Slutskaya. Ugly dress. Triple flip and she falls.

Mirai Nagasu skates first in this final warm-up. I've only seen half of the competition and I'm glad this is the final group. Oh, the days when the ladies were my favorites. She takes her time after her name is announced. Nice smile to begin.. if you didn't know, that's not a part of the marks. Smooth stroking into triple Lutz/triple toe.. looked way short to me.. -2.. triple flip is nice though, +1.. jumps are getting higher and higher.. spiral from inside to outside with a high catchfoot.. y-spiral.. all solid positions.. +2.. Ina Bauer into a double Axel perfectly done +2.. flying sit spin with variations.. really low to the ice +2.. layback spin defines a +3.. very little traveling with all of the changes of position +3.. circular footwork has attitude and she's confident.. +1.. camel/change edge gorgeous/sit great position/change sit/change edge/sasha spin.. +2.. almost another +3. Best spins by far in the competition, and nice and big jumps. Good for her to try the triple/triple, but it wasn't rotated. Still should score high enough to be in 2nd. Skating isn't as effortless as Kostner or Lepisto, but certainly very good. No close enough camera replay on the triple/triple.. actually, I'd probably have her really close to 1st.

Score: 40.20/30.20 = 70.40. Into 1st! "I beat Mao" she says. Sounds like her triple toe got ratified.. hmph. Better camera angle anyone? Components way up from the Olympics, too.

Yu-Na Kim goes next.. triple Lutz/triple toe easy as usual for her but again not the most flow out of it keeping it a +1.. triple flip looked cheated to me -2.. and she falls out of her layback. Oh boy.. Restarts it but it's off the entire time. Won't receive credit for it. Spiral and SHE MISSED THAT  too.. only did the inside edge and dropped the foot.. level 1 on the sequence and -3.. you need three positions.. double Axel is good +1.. flying sit spin also good.. +1.. straight line footwork with no energy.. +1 for difficulty.. camel/sit/change/sit/sasha spin.. +1.. nothing was great about that aside from the first element. Everything else was level playing-field with the rest of the competition.  I have a feeling this turns into Irina Slutskaya in the 2005 Worlds short program where a bunch of small mistakes still kept her first. Close on the flip, even if it's called a triple, it should have at least a -1, probably -2 grade of execution.

She laughs it off in the kiss and cry.. 30.02/30.28 = 60.30. 6th. Yeah, no favors there.

Akiko Suzuki turns around and smiles, she probably realizes her chance right here. I love this program.. and down she goes on the triple flip. What a disaster this whole event for the big names has been.. -3.. triple loop turn-out/double toe.. -2.. flying camel changes edge and nice curled position to a catch-foot.. needs better speed but lots of variety +1.. catchfoot spiral to change edge and she bobbles it too when she lets go, another one down to level 1.. -1.. maybe a -3 if she didn't get a full three positions, I'm not sure... into a forward y-spiral.. double Axel with a stepout -2.. layback with almost a catchfoot to normal position, to catchfoot.. +1.. straight line footwork a definite highlight +2.. camel/change edge/inverted/sit/y-spin/change/sit variation/scratch spin.. well done there +2. That was a mess too. What is going on today? One of the weirdest short programs I have ever seen as a whole, and I've only been watching half of it!

Score: she's crying. 23.32/26.04 -1.00= 48.36 and she's in SEVENTEENTH.

Rachael Flatt now. I'm not saying anything about anyone taking advantage now. Sing Sing Sing is the music. triple flip/double toe after the first jump wasn't perfect.. 0.. triple Lutz on the wrong edge.. swingy per usual -1.. flying sit into variation and catchfoot is nice.. +1.. she sells this program, much better than most of her stuff that falls... flat. Spiral catchfoot and change edge.. y-spiral.. same as everyone else. +1.. layback to sideways spin.. slow but nice positions +1.. double Axel looked just slightly cheated enough for me to give 0.. straight line footwork has personality and she's going for it now.. nice choreography through this.. +1.. camel change edge/sit low/change/upright variation/scratch.. that was well done, too. +2. I like this program, I just don't care for her jump technique. Mirai is going to be the leader going into the free skate. Who would have guessed?

Score: 33.80/27.08 = 60.88 and she's now 6th. Yu-Na is out of the final group.

Julia Sebestyen.. I'd take it this is her last Worlds, long career and moments of brilliance. triple Lutz/double toe was huge and delayed.. +1.. triple flip on the wrong edge and looked cheated.. -2.. flying camel with twisted variation and donut.. nice but slow.. +1.. spiral change edge catchfoot.. nice position, better than I remember from her.. y-spiral is average but solid edges +1.. double Axel is nice +1.. sideways spin to layback drops foot and up to catchfoot.. +1.. circular footwork changes the music to something completely unrelated but the excitement picks up.. footwork is just okay.. 0.. camel/sit low/change/camel donut Biellmann/upright and the second half is awkward.. 0. I'm pretty sure the flip gets downgraded.. what would have been had she landed it clean. She probably would have moved up to the top group.

Score: 30.06/26.04 = 56.10.. she looks surprised. But she has to know that she cheated that flip.. 10th place.

Alena Leonova.. this program is fun. Posture again typically Russian. Triple flip with a big fall-out. This event has sucked. -3.. triple Lutz/double toe and hopped around on the toe.. -2.. flying sit travels a bit and variation.. 0.. still keeps that smile throughout.. catchfoot spiral with the other hand holding the leg to a change edge drops the leg.. y-spiral.. clucks like a chicken.. 0.. spread eagle into a nice double Axel.. +1.. sideways spin into layback catchfoot Biellmann that slows +1.. straight line footwork is really shaky in the beginning and she doesn't have the smile right now.. too focused.. Lipinski says she's sloppy as I'm typing this.. footwork ends up with nice energy but 0 for the beginning shakes.. camel/change edge/sit/change/upright catchfoot.. all decent. +1.. Makarova looks on..

Score: 29.40/25.96 -1.00 = 54.36.. and she's in 14th.

All I can say is I can't wait for the protocols and to score this event myself. It makes the free skate exciting in the sense that there should be a ton of crazy movement.. I have NO idea how my results would look.

Nasagu says in her interview that after the Olympics she was tired and didn't want to train her programs. LOL.

Weir mentions when making his prediction for winner he was told to be very pro-American when he took the job and Carruthers gets pissy. He picks Asada.


Anonymous said...

Wow, really happy that Nagasu is into 1st. Tony, Thanks for live blogging. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

OMG Yu-Na... :( :( :( :(
But yay for Mirai!

Thanks again, Tony :)

Anonymous said...

What's going on there? i feel sorry for Yu-Na and Suzuki...

Anonymous said...

Nagasu was wonderful but what a shame about Yu-Na and Suzuki.