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2010 World Championships - Mens Long Program Group One Live Blogging

Waiting for the feed to go live. Took forever, but here we go...

We join the first warm-up group, already in progress. Abzal Rakimgaliev with a single flip/double toe combination, Ryan Bradley with a quad toe loop right at the end of warm-up and it's clean!

First to skate, Jinlin Guan from China. 19th place in the short.. he skates to Turandot, the Vanessa-Mae overused a thousand times version. Triple Lutz, turnout.. -1.. Has some artistic sense already in the opening of the program and generally nice line. Triple flip with possible edge call.. 0.. but nicely done. Nice triple Salchow +1.. into flying camel changes edge and variation, ends in a donut.. that was nice, okay speed. +1.. Double Axel nice again +1.. set-up was a bit long.. flying sit/change/sit with variation.. 0.. Straight line step.. or maybe this is serpentine. It's okay but nothing special, probably level 2.. 0.. triple flip/double toe again edge call maybe.. 0.. nice triple loop.. +1.. he has quality to every single one of his jump landings, just doesn't do much of anything going into them.. Nice choreography section, he senses the music.. should be second half now.. back spiral and some steps to triple Lutz/triple toe.. +1.. again, solid.. double Axel/double toe/double toe.. 0.. circular footwork.. again not bad, but nothing special. I'd say level 2 again.. 0.. camel/same variation/change/sit variation/upright.. which isn't held long but as a whole the spin had nice positions and centered well..  +1. Definitely a talent. No triple Axel here though... like I said, could have transitions into his jumps or more choreography, but the slow sections did show he can listen to interpret the music well. Not bad! Flips look to be on outside edge, so my 0's for the jumps might actually belong as -1's. Good run out on everything, though.

Score: 66.03/57.20 = 123.23.. 8 points below his seasons best. 182.68.. first for now.

Ari-Pekka Nurmenkari from Finland.. Always 25th through 30th in the short program at Worlds, he finally makes the free skate. Good for him. In 23rd now, music is called The Fall. Sounds interesting from the beginning. Nice high double Axel, probably wanted a triple.. +1.. triple Lutz/triple toe.. first jump was really nice, second was okay.. 0.. steps into single flip maybe another edge call.. -1.. triple loop was okay.. 0.. nothing but jumps so far.. flying sit with pancake to basic position that slowed as it went.. 0.. I like the music at least.. circular footwork and it's awfully slow to get going.. stays that way. 0.. level 2 I'd say. Doesn't move fast enough for it. Slow section of the music and his half-way point is now. Double Salchow.. 0.. nice posture, but slow as he carries himself around the rink.. double Lutz.. triple Salchow with a dip on the landing.. -1.. sit spin/change/sit and donut-type to change edge.. slow again.. 0.. straight-line footwork.. going through the motions but not really selling this or really listening to the music.. level 2 again.. and 0.. he's out of energy.. slow into double Axel/double toe 0.. camel/sit/edge slowss/change/sit/upright variation.. so slow. -1. Well I wanted to see a lot more with that music, because I really liked it. Everything average all-around and his slow skating holds true into his footwork sequences and spins.. he really had nothing left in the last 30 seconds or so.

Score: 43.59/50.30 = 93.89 seasons best. Ouch. 148.34 overall, into second.

Abzal Rakimgaliev from Kazakhstan.. I like this kid.. in 22nd place right now. I think I mentioned in the short program that he made the free skate in 2008, when he was 15. Hasn't done much since then, though. Takes a while to find a starting spot. Sounds like I'll like this music too. double Axel/double toe/double loop.. all jumps nice and high.. +1.. triple flip/triple toe.. I don't know if it was all the way around.. close.. and flip probably on an outside edge -1.. triple Lutz was nice but it was somewhat telegraphed, still I'll give +1.. getting into the program now.. sit spin with twist variation/change sit... quick rotations and he kept it in one place.. +1.. telepgraphed into triple flip.. nicely done but maybe outside edge.. triple Salchow is crooked but landed okay 0.. I think the halfway point is now and some simple steps and posing on the ice for the slow section.. double Axel okay.. 0.. circular footwork goes to the music at the beginning but is slow throughout and probably receives a level 1.. 0.. another double Axel.. 0.. flying sit with same twisted variation.. I like it.. +1.. gets going with the straight line footwork and the energy.. speed is still a bit slow.. has a lot of toe pick tapping in his sequences.. thank you Alexei Yagudin.. again nothing special and level 1.. 0.. Music picking up a lot and he's not.. triple toe nice.. +1 ... camel/sit variation/emanuel/change/camel/sit/upright scratch.. his spins are good except for a slight travel on the last position +1.. So overall not bad.. he landed everything, didn't try a triple Axel this time. Good spins, footwork is really simple and slow.. posture is okay. In replay the triple toe looks two-footed in the combo, but rotated enough for credit. I still like him, hope he improves.

Score: 59.00/52.60 = 111.60. seasons best.. overall 166.20, 2nd place.

Alexandr Kazakov held by coach Alexei Urmanov's hand.. from Belarus.. in 24th and final qualifying position after the short. Oksana Kazakova is also listed as one of his coaches.. relation? Requiem for a Dream, the piece EVERYONE chooses these days. Posture is a bit hunched forward. triple Axel was nice! +1.. again triple Axel/double toe.. 0.. toe with not the best run out.. triple Lutz/double toe.. not much flow out.. 0.. circular footwork.. goes to the music.. somewhat careful with some of the movements.. level 2?.. 0.. double Axel and fought to hold the edge solidly.. 0..  camel/sit/variation donut/change/sit with some travel/upright.. 0.. spiral into triple loop.. nice but telegraphed.. 0.. triple Lutz.. 0.. straight line footwork with some personality in the beginning and then gets to focusing on it just like in the first sequence.. level 2.. 0.. triple Salchow/double toe.. 0.. double Axel 0.. flying sit change edge and into donut again.. 0.. sit/ with cool variation change sit change edge and variation. Travelled, but nice uniqueness.. 0. He's beyond thrilled with that! Jumps are all nice but when he does combinations he never gets any flow out of the second jump, so it makes his grade of execution just average. Some cool spins but he needs to not travel to get good points on them. Died down a bit at the end and the music cuts were a bit different.. overall I enjoyed him though. Glad he made the free skate and had a clean skate with TWO triple Axels!

Score: 66.23/55.10 = 121.33.. 175.57 overall, 2nd place. He'll move up.

Ryan Bradley from the USA.. bad skate in the short and in 21st place. Already in character as he skates to his opening pose. Mozart medley. He knows how to hide his weaknesses with this program when it's on. quad toe loop pitched forward but he held on, good for him.. -1.. slow stroking as he will keep throughout.. second quad toe fell, but it looked all the way around. will be counted as a sequence.. -3.. circular footwork goes to the music but isn't difficult at all and it's incredibly slow.. level 1.. 0.. big double Axel.. 0.. triple Lutz was okay.. 0.. flying sit up against the board with change edge and variation.. again okay.. 0.. change music to something the audience can clap with.. straight line footwork with lots of toe pick action.. again not much going on there.. level 1.. 0. He makes the sequences work in the sense of the program, but not in the sense of scoring. Probably halfway through for bonus now. triple flip is okay.. 0.. spiral into triple loop that delayed on the take-off.. rough landing but on one foot.. -1.. triple Salchow is whippy/triple toe.. did it.. 0.. triple Lutz/double toe/double toe again whippy on the Lutz..0.. flying camel change edge and donut type spin into a catchfoot.. slow... 0.. camel/sit variation/change emanuelish/upright change edge.. 0. No grade of execution with anything he does, really. He is saved on the spins by having some unique positions, but the speed through them, the footwork, and in general is really poor. I like that he's different, at least, but he's meant for show skating.

Score: 65.24/58.90 -1.00 = 123.14.. 179.24 overall, second place. I never know how to feel about his components, especially skating skills.

Jamal Othman from Switzerland.. 20th coming in.. Spanish.. I like his skating, wish he'd get the triple Axel.. single Axel/double toe loop.. 0.. posture is nice but pumping the crossovers.. triple Lutz/double toe.. 0.. swinging free leg in between much like Bradley just did.. triple flip on the outside edge and two-footed.. -2.. time to sell the program now, which he's decent at. back spiral into a nice double Axel.. +1.. layback/upright change edge/chane/sit emanuel spin.. 0.. cool positions sacrificed the speed.. Circular footwork.. slow.. level 1? looked pretty basic.. 0.. Maybe I'm just tough on the footwork levels. Should be halfway point now. triple flip underrotated and hard fall.. wrong edge, like that matters with that.. haha.. -3.. triple Lutz landed.. 0.. triple Salchow is okay.. 0.. camel with catchfoot and up/change sit with variation and edge change slows and rough positions.. -1.. straight line footwork is slow again and I'd go with level 1 again.. 0.. he's tired.. another double Axel with a big stepout.. -2.. flying sit.. with twist variation to upright headless spin.. traveled a bit.. 0. Very quiet audience reaction. He's a lot better than this. Needs more speed, better footwork, and more difficult jumps (still). Always has trouble with the triple flip that he takes off with on the wrong edge, wonder why he attempts two. Program was okay.

Score:  43.66/56.40 -1.00 = 99.06.. 156.41, 5th place overall.

Now the pointless break for 30 minutes.


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