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2010 World Championships - Mens Long Program Group Two Live Blogging

In this group: Kevin Reynolds- 14th place; Min-Seok Kim- 18th place; Florent Amodio- 15th place; Viktor Pfeifer- 17th place; Anton Kovalevski- 16th place; Javier Fernandez- 13th place.

ISU montage plays in the arena while we wait. I see Maria Butyrskaya, Annie Bellemare, Anissina/Peizerat, Todd Eldredge-- plenty of skaters that have been retired for years now. All of the clips look like they are from the 2001 and 2002 seasons.. get a new montage!

Okay, warm-up group on the ice. Pan to Reynolds.. waltz jump, and another, double loop.. Kim- Axel looks easy.. double Salchow.. Amodio.. triple loop is nice.. Pfeifer.. nice triple loop as well.. the camera pans away as he picks in for a Lutz.. they are SO good at doing that.. Kovalevski- nice triple Salchow.. Fernandez- camera switches to him mid jump, lands whatever it was.. Axel of some kind that I missed..

Kevin Reynolds starts it off, from Canada.. music is a Led Zeppelin medley. Seasons best at 131. String quartet version of the songs. Quad Salchow looks like a beauty to me.. +1.. footwork into a two-footed quad toe loop.. -1.. waltz jump.. complete miss.. no points.. flying sit low fast position and changes edge and position.. that was nice.. +2.. slower section now.. he moves easily, but his posture can still improve greatly.. triple loop/triple toe with a nice entry +1.. triple Axel/triple toe, another difficult entry and he surely didn't miss this one +1.. triple loop is nice +1.. upright/emanuel/change/layback is slow but unique.. +1. circular footwork as the music picks up is slow but has a lot of content in it.. level 3.. 0.. triple Lutz with changes of edge right out of it.. nice but a bit low.. +1.. triple flip/double toe/double loop is okay.. 0.. straight line footwork is nice.. level 3.. +1 camel/sit/change position/change sit and edge/upright that is really nice.. he's a very good spinner! +2. Besides the waltz jump mistake, everything was really strong in that program except the speed. Hopefully the replays show the quads, but I think they were rotated enough. Not a bad effort at all. Salchow was good. Toe loop rotated but two-footed. I liked him.

80.68/64.70 = 145.38.. seasons best.. 216.58.. he looks like he expected that. Good for him.

Min-Seok Kim from Korea now.. dramatic music to start. triple Axel/double toe with a bit of a pre-rotation on the toe loop.. 0.. nice speed into a triple flip on the outside edge and a fall.. -3.. not much going on in the way of listening to the music so far.. skating right through it. triple Lutz he holds on.. 0.. camel/sit/y-spin really nice!/change sit/upright +1.. slowed down on change-foot but nice centering. Halfway. triple Axel fell, rotation questionable -3.. spread eagle and other movements.. triple loop hard fall into the boards and slow to get up.. -3.. double Axel/single toe/single loop.. 0.. crowd is getting behind him.. struggling a bit through the footwork.. looking down a lot.. circular but weird shape.. -1.. sit/change/sit nice variation.. +1.. triple Salchow landed on the toe pick.. -1.. slow into double Axel which ends okay.. 0.. straight line footwork.. again some struggle through it.. level 2.. 0.. flying sit with another nice position and change edge and then variation.. kinda fell off at the end to finish in time though.. 0. He was so excited after his short program, but this was a mess. Good spinner, especially that Y-Sasha spin.. choreography wasn't really there and the interpretation wasn't important to him, yet. But good for him on the first triple Axel. Still, he manages a smile in the kiss and cry, and is laughing.

Score: 43.01/49.50 -3.00 = 149.31.. 7th place.

Florent Amodio from France.. such a cool program. Cirque du Soleil, Amelie, etc. double Axel.. skidded on take-off a bit but it was fine.. 0.. triple Axel with a step-out.. -2.. triple loop with turns.. -1.. camel/sit--fast!/change/sit with broken leg and travels/upright.. 0.. change to jazzy hip hop music.. circular footwork.. he's light on his feet with the footwork.. level 3.. +1.. choreography in place. He really engages with the audience and understands the music rather than just skating to what he's given.. lands the triple Axel/double toe this time! +1.. triple Salchow/triple toe.. +1 nice again.. crowd is really getting into his every move. triple Lutz nice run-out +1. flying sit/broken leg/change/sit variation.. +1.. triple flip on a deep outside edge.. -2.. double Lutz and a step-out-- -2..shakes his head and shrugs his shoulders.. straight line footwork.. he's getting into it again.. level 2.. +1.. flying sit/variation that slows.. 0. Pumps his fists.. he's happy. He has good basic skating and maintains the speed well throughout, and his strength is definitely in his performance ability and interpretation. I'm still really impressed with him.

Break dancing in the kiss and cry to get the audience going.. haha I love his personality..

Score: 64.34/64.60= 128.94.. 197.25.. into 2nd.

Viktor Pfeifer from Austria.. Priscilla Hill at the boards with him. He has come a long way, and I really noticed it for the first time in the short program. Skates to Concierto d'Aranjuez here. Line is nice, speed average.. big popped double toe.. 0.. double Axel/triple toe is okay.. 0.. triple Salchow/triple toe is gorgeous.. +1.. not much going on except jumps so far.. triple Lutz again nice.. 0.. sit change edge and variation/change/sit which slowed.. 0.. circular footwork.. slow but solid, relatively easy.. level 2.. 0.. midway.. some moves in the field that don't really go anywhere and some time to rest.. triple loop with a fall out.. -2.. spread eagle into steps.. triple Salchow/double toe with a turn-out.. -1.. triple flip on a deep edge again and swingy.. -2.. double Axel.. 0.. flying sit change edge and pancake variation.. slow... and not great -1.. straight line step.. slow yet again and easy towards the end.. level 1.. 0.. camel change edge.. nice position/sit/change/sit variation/upright with his awkward looking catch-foot.. 0. That move, while unique, just kills the flow of the spin and it's ugly. Lots of small mistakes throughout that program, and I think his improved skating shows much more in his short program than it did here. Not much choreography, either, except when he was standing still or barely moving. Whole program moved really slow.

Score: 56.34/54.50 = 110.84.. total 170.79 and into 6th place.

Anton Kovalevski from Ukraine.. Palmero Station is the English title, I guess. Fixes his hair before he starts. Always important. Godfather sounding.. triple Axel pre-rotated way off and fall out/double toe.. -3.. will be a sequence.. triple Axel again crooked with hands down.. -2.. some choreography now.. triple Lutz.. 0.. everything is looking really unfinished.. double Axel is nice though.. +1.. triple loop looks short on rotation .. -1.. sit low position/change sit change edge.. nothing too special.. 0.. straight line footwork.. level 2.. flashy and lots of arm movements in the second part.. 0.. scratchy with the blades.. again a segment for some choreography and the character comes out a bit.. halfway.. triple toe/triple toe.. it was okay 0.. triple Salchow was kinda ugly on the landing.. 0.. flying sit again low position/change edge.. 0.. circular footwork.. level 3.. some personality in this one.. +1.. spread eagle.. double Axel/double toe/single toe.. 0.. camel slow/sit/y-spin/change/low sit/upright.. cut it close on the last position with the end of the music.. 0.. The program was a mess.. he always lands the same way on his triple Axels and when he DOES land a jump he does this movement where he puts both hands straight up, much like training mate Tomas Verner.. I don't care for it. All of the jumps were landed a bit forward today.. some nice in-betweens but posture is average and speed is also average.

Score: 57.33/62.10 -1.00 = 118.43.. 186.03 and 3rd place. Components maybe a bit high, but it is a decent program.

Javier Fernandez from Spain.. Pirates of the Caribbean.. one of Morozov's better programs lately.. quad toe with a lot of distance but stepped out of the landing, it was close.. -2.. beautiful triple Axel with not much preparation.. +2.. triple Lutz came to a hault.. maybe wrong edge.. -1.. flying sit/donut/hands up... +1.. drunken footwork sequence meant to look off balance.. creative.. level 3.. +1.. gets the audience going with that. Change the music and cue the dramatic movements in place.. halfway.. gorgeous triple Axel and combined with double toe.. +1.. triple flip was nice.. +1.. spread eagle.. triple loop soft landing +1.. triple Salchow/double toe/double toe.. 0.. the double toes for him don't look very nice. triple toe/double Axel sequence with a hop-out.. -1.. he's obviously not a fan of the toe jump. straight line footwork.. still keeping up the speed.. level 2.. +1.. camel/sit/change edge variation/change/sit low/upright that travels.. 0.. sit low/change/sit change edge and low.. again travels. 0. He's happy, Morozov is applauding maybe because he didn't want another Oda-type disaster today and is relieved.. audience liked it. Spins are good until the change-foot and then he starts traveling, jumps are all really nice except for the toe loops (doubles..) Axels are among the best in the competition, both of them were beautiful. Good program, good skating and kept up the speed. He definitely has a ton of flair and is well on his way up the rankings!

Score: 75.31/68.70 = 144.01.. seasons best.. 215.66 and in 2nd place by less than a point. If he skates clean.. wow.

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