Thursday, March 25

2010 World Championships - Mens Long Program Group Three Live Blogging

Reynolds leads, Fernandez second, Amodio third.

In this group.. Denis Ten from Kazakhstan in 9th place.. warms up a triple loop right away.. he's been on the ice for 20 seconds.. Sergei Voronov from Russia in 11th place.. spiral into triple flip on the outside edge.. Samuel Contesti from Italy in 8th place.. obvious loud cheers and some cowbells for him.. triple flip.. Van der Perren with a triple flip and Schultheiss with a popped Axel.. Adam Rippon from the USA in 7th place.. triple Lutz tano/double toe/double loop.. nice response from the crowd when he's announced.. Adrian Schultheiss from Sweden in 12th place.. beautiful quad toe loop.. Kevin Van der Perren from Belgium in 10th place..Contesti in view and does a nice triple Axel/triple toe.. Van der Perren with a quad toe/triple toe.. corrects himself always to get the second jump and it ends up nice.

Denis Ten starts the group, skating to Concierto d'Aranjuez as well with oriental sound to it. triple Axel/triple toe with a long set-up and toe loop on the pick.. 0.. nice triple Axel +1.. nice triple Lutz as well.. +1.. triple flip on the outside edge and he collapses on it.. -3.. double Axel.. +1.. upright spin with change of edge/change/upright that starts to travel.. quick rotations.. 0.. spread eagle into single loop -1.. triple Lutz/double toe.. first jump had a delay, second landed on two feet and maybe downgraded -2.. circular footwork level 3 is done nicely.. +1.. good choreography but not much interpretation or performance quality yet with him.. triple Salchow/double Axel sequence 0.. flying camel change edge to catchfoot.. slow and not the best positions -1.. straight line footwork.. not the intensity the music asks for.. level 3 again.. and good but with no passion.. +1.. slowing down towards the end.. camel/illusion/Biellmann/change/sit low donut/y-spin/upright headless.. kinda sloppy.. 0. A few mistakes, and he looks worn out at the end. Spins are average, skating is maybe slightly above average but sometimes his arms and hands look strange on the crossovers, transitions decent but again no real feeling yet. It's choreographed well though. This should drop him behind Reynolds and Fernandez..

Score: 59.16/66.90 -1.00 = 125.06.. 202.46 and yes, into 3rd place.

Sergei Voronov needs a top 10 placement here, again, to keep two spots for Russia in 2011. I know I probably mention that too much. Schindlers List.. quad toe, held on.. 0.. I don't like his basic skating at all, hunched over a bit.. triple flip on the wrong edge.. -1.. more pumping the crossovers around for a big single Axel -1.. flying sit with variation.. +1.. now the music is Palladio. triple Axel with a hard fall -3.. no two spots for Russia it seems.. circular footwork with typical Russian choreography if that makes sense.. level 2.. and nothing special.. 0.. spread eagle into a triple loop.. 0.. sit/change/sit with change edge and variation.. pretty basic.. 0.. oh, music is back to Schinder's.. disjointed. triple toe/triple toe.. 0.. spread eagle into triple Salchow/double toe/double loop.. rough on the end.. 0.. straight line footwork new dramatic music.. level 2.. messy towards the end.. 0.. camel/sit/emanuel/change/sit/variation.. 0. double Axel.. 0.  Jumps weren't all there, don't care for his posture at all, and the choreography of the program and the music choices were strange. Had some nice transitions but he didn't go for selling it like he needed to. I guess I'm just not a huge fan of his. Now this should move into 3rd, maybe 4th.. I suppose he has a chance to move into the top 10 depending on the rest of this group.. with Urmanov in the kiss and cry.

Score: 59.08/69.10 -1.00 = 127.18.. 200.60 overall and goes into 4th. And even that is lucky, his components scores almost averaged 7! I don't think so.

Samuel Contesti with loud cheers from the audience. Music is Panpipes of the Andes. triple Axel with a step out.. -2.. triple flip on the flat.. 0.. triple Lutz is nice.. +1.. some choreography into camel/sit/change edge/variation/change/sit low/upright.. +1.. better than usual for his spin.. circular footwork has content but it's moving somewhat slow.. level 3.. 0.. sit travels/change/sit with edge and variation change.. 0. triple Axel hand down/triple toe loop -1.. nice triple loop +1.. double Axel is okay.. 0.. sets up the crowd for the serpentine footwork which moves slowly again.. maybe this is straight line with a lot of use of the ice.. really no speed by the end of the footwork.. level 2.. 0.. triple Salchow/triple toe loop on the pick a bit.. 0.. triple Salchow/double toe/double toe and completely went crooked and fell hard -3.. flying sit edge change and variation.. 0. I like that he always goes for something different, but I liked his free skate better last year and he doesn't have the speed to keep up with the music at the end. Footwork is done slow, spins are okay, and he does a lot of two foot skating. Components shouldn't be high for skating skills or choreography even, but they should go up for performance and interpretation. I think they will hold him up on components and that'll go into 3rd..

Score: 70.96/70.30 -1.00 = 140.26 total = 218.66 into 1st. Definitely don't know about that one, and I'm somewhat of a fan. Top 10 for sure at the end.

Adam Rippon.. nice fast smooth skating into a triple flip/triple toe.. +1.. triple Axel fallout/double toe.. -2.. becomes a sequence.. circular footwork level 3.. nice use of his whole body throughout +1.. camel/catchfoot//change/sit/upright.. +1.. spiral into a really nice triple loop +1.. has a strong artistic sense and another one who naturally just feels the music.. nice triple Axel! +1.. nice triple Lutz with a hand over the head.. +1.. triple Lutz/double toe/double loop.. 2 hands over the head +1.. easy double Axel.. +1.. sit/change/sit change edge.. +1.. straight line footwork.. still looks tense in his face but he's skating well! level 3.. +1.. flows so well even if he's starting to pump on the crossovers.. beautiful split jump into triple Salchow +1.. flying camel into donut/change/sit/upright variation into scratch.. great spin +2.. I really, really like his skating. Everything he does has quality to it and he builds up the grade of execution so well. Just like in the short program, I had everything in +GOE except for the fall-out on the Axel. This should easily go into first based on how Contesti was just scored.

Score: 77.16/74.20 = 151.36.. 231.47 into 1st place. He's content. Nice score.

Adrian Schultheiss.. this is the definition of a unique program! quad toe loop! 0.. triple Axel/double toe loop is okay too.. 0.. he doesn't skate with much speed, triple Lutz/double toe nicely done. +1.. flying sit 0.. circular footwork to hip hop beat.. it's pretty easy and not done as effortlessly as it should be.. level 2.. 0.. nice triple Axel though with little speed into it! +1.. triple flip is nice too +1.. camel/sit variation/change sit/upright that slows but the first 3/4 were very good +1.. nice choreography that only he would do.. triple loop forward and hung on.. -1.. triple Salchow is okay.. 0.. sit/change/sit variation 0..  triple Lutz/double toe/double toe -1.. a little rough with all three jumps.. straight line footwork remains as slow as the rest of the program has been and again nothing too complex within it.. level 2.. 0.. reallllll slow at the end of the sequence.. clean skate but no triple/triple combo.. interesting to see how the judges mark it. Like Contesti, not the best skating skills or speed, but his choreography and interpretation should be high. Maybe a top 10 finish for him? That would be something.

Score: 76.61/69.30= 145.91 218.26 and 3rd. He will be in the top 10!

Kevin Van der Perren.. mentioning of his grandfather being very ill back home. Didn't know anything about that. Best wishes to him. Really taking his time to start. Quad toe loop/triple toe loop/triple toe loop really nice! +1.. triple Axel held on but wild landing.. 0.. double flip now.. 0.. flying sit low and basic.. 0.. where did Robin Hood go? He's always switching up and going back to old programs. Circular footwork is unbelievably slow and simple.. level 1.. 0.. mentioning that Kevin isn't a fan of choreography but rather the jumps.. triple Lutz is okay.. 0.. triple flip/double toe.. 0.. none of the jumps have that great of landings.. sit with leg grab/change/sit variation.. 0.. triple loop again the same okay landing.. 0.. double Axel is nice +1.. he al of a sudden gets real happy.. straight line footwork.. again not really moving and not difficult. Level 1 again.. 0. He barely does enough on the footwork sequences.. and he's worn out. triple Salchow fought for it -1.. camel/sit slow/change/upright/layback -1.. died out completely. He's shocked with his skate. No energy.. and he collapses to the ice and is thrilled. Ending his career here and in good fashion. He's crying. BUT... not to be a hater but in terms of choreography, transitions, footwork, and spins, that program was basically bare minimum. I felt the same in the short but he still pulled off okay components marks.. I have no clue where he's going to end up..

Score: 72.98/71.90 = 144.88 and seasons best. Into 3rd with 218.43. Will be no lower than 9th. Eh.. components again with an average of over 7. Guess when he pulls out the quads, the components stay high too. But honestly, I'm really happy for him.


Covergirl said...

Only found your blog today Tony.. but am agreeing pretty much with everything so far..
I'm curled up on the sofa in Canada watching Adam Rippon as we speak..
The kid's good.. he's the future for you guys..
Just hope he doesn't go all Johnny Weir on us...

Covergirl said...

Schultheiss definitely skated that better than he did in Vancouver..
And I love the fact that he skates to the theme music from "House"..

Covergirl said...

Holy cow... a quad triple triple.. looks like Kevin's come to play.
Good for him.