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2010 World Championships - Mens Short Program Group One Live Blogging

Yup, I'm up at 4:30 AM for this.

My feed loads in the middle of the judges being introduced. If you are dying to know the panel, then here they are from the ISU event page:
Referee Mr. Jan HOFFMANN ISU
Technical Controller Mr. Paolo PIZZOCARI ISU
Technical Specialist Mr. Ravi WALIA ISU
Assistant Technical Specialist Mr. Ricardo OLAVARRIETA ISU  
Judge No.1 Mr. Alexander PENCHEV ISU
Judge No.3 Ms. Elena FOMINA ISU
Judge No.4 Ms. Hanna THEN ISU
Judge No.5 Mr. Eddy WU ISU
Judge No.7 Ms. Maria HRACHOVCOVA ISU
Judge No.8 Mr. Peter RANKIN  ISU
Judge No.9 Mr. Hermann SCHULZ ISU

Entire list of 48 start order is shown on the screen. Crowd is basically empty for now. Will be different later. First warm-up group consists of: Maxim Shipov-- double Axel, another double Axel.. both really nice.. Andrew Huertas.. he gets a huge ovation for what the crowd is.. nice triple loop.. Saulius Ambreulevicius.. he gets a nice ovation too.. must be all the athletes.. triple toe with a turn out.. Povilas Vanagas' mother at the boards with him.. Tigran Vardanjan.. double flip.. and based on his costume he might be using the same Take Five number that I liked so much at last years World Championships.. single flip with a step out.. camera cuts away right before his next attempt.. Damjan Ostojic.. he's in purple with black suspenders.. triple Axel fall but it was rotated.. Ali Demirboga.. triple Lutz with a hard crash straight back just as he's announced.. and the warm-up ends literally 10 seconds after his introduction..

Maxim Shipov of Israel - triple Axel with a fall-out but it looked to be all the way around -2, single flip, big pop, -3. flying sit with grabbed leg into variation.. okay speed.. 0.. change music to Once Upon a Time in Mexico.. steps into triple Lutz pitched forward and hand down.. -2.. straight line footwork 0camel/sit/upright/traveled/change/sit traveled.. ok positions with the traveling -1.. circlular footwork with some energy.. turns in both directions but the pattern looked a bit shallow -1.. sit traveling/change/sit with change edge... okay again. 0.. footwork looks a little labored and his spins, sit spin in particular, travel a bit.. not a bad triple Axel attempt though.. no real feeling or difficult choreography or attempt at interpretation in the program, though. Elena Tchaikovskaya and Vladimir Kotin with him in the kiss and cry.

Score: 18.66/19.60 = 38.26 and is obviously first out of ONE! so far.

Andrew Huertas from Puerto Rico.. it sounds like all of the skaters are going to get really strong ovations in this earlier session which is really nice. Music is called Cumana. one foot footwork into double Axel nicely done +1.. triple loop/triple toe.. again nice! +1.. flying sit in donut position.. slow with just the amount of revolutions needed but not a bad position.. 0.. skimpy footwork into triple Lutz fall.. -3.. sit spin into donut change sit spin... SLOWW on the back half... -1.. some sense of artistry.. circular footwork is moving slow even though he's attempting some difficult one-footed stuff.. again looks shallow -1.. camel/sit/change/donut sit/upright change edge travels and slows -1.. straight line footwork .. again trying to same type of moves as first sequence but again slow.. lots of hopping on the toe picks.. 0..  he wasn't bad at all aside from the hard fall on the Lutz.. the first two jumps had really good quality and he was trying semi-difficult footwork even though it killed his speed. Posture and basic skating is okay, and he had flashes of trying to sell the program.

Score: 26.84/19.25 -1.00 = 45.09.. first for now.

Saulius Ambrulevicius of Lithuania.. Quixote by Bond.. triple Salchow/double toe.. no run-out and put his foot down quickly.. -1.. no footwork into triple toe loop -1.. right into serpentine footwork.. short again? -1.. double Axel on the toe pick -1..  flying sit travels change edge and falls out at the end -2.. camel/sit/change edge/change sit/Emanuel spin.. slow.. -1.. circular footwork with no energy.. too focused.. lots of arm flailing and probably level 1 on the footwork.. 0.. sit/donut variation/change/sit change edge and variation... -1.. he looks very young and indifferent to his effort.. too much focusing on the elements to have an impact components-wise.. basic skating is slightly below average. Coach looks happy.

Score: 22.52/19.85 = 42.37.. personal best by a few tenths.. into second.. now he smiles.

Tigran Vardanjan of Hungary.. he was one of my highlights of the entire mens short program at last years Worlds.. he skated clean and only finished 31st but he sold it and had fun.. Take Five again this year.. basics are decent.. triple flip two footed and low/turn double toe -3.. footwork into triple Lutz two footed fell -3.. personality comes out.. double Axel.. 0.. flying sit spin with variation.. 0.. circular footwork simple but he's selling it even with the mistakes.. 0.. camel poor position/sit/variation/change/upright.. the change of foot was rough -1.. serpentine footwork.. it was okay.. 0.. sit/change/sit/variation.. traveled on the back half with okay positions all around.. -1.. very tepid applause, he's obviously done a thousand times better but he still had some nice choreography and he at least listens to the music. Just wasn't his day. Coach is his dad and also Julia Sebestyen's coach.

21.20/19.10 -1.00 = 39.30.. into third.

Damjan Ostojic from Bosnia.. jazzy piano.. triple Axel hard crash but all the way around -3.. stalking the triple flip and a big step out -3.. should have been his combo.. no footwork into triple lutz/double toe.. did the combo there.. 0.. sit/variation/change/sit/change edge.. 0.. straight line footwork..  not bad but looks a little heavy with it.. 0.. flying sit/variation.. 0.. circular footwork.. started simple ended okay.. 0.. camel/sit/change edge/upright ariation/change/sit variation.. 0.. might have ended a split second after the music.. again not really much clapping once he bows.. they are louder when the skaters start.. he's not happy. it had flashes of choreography but the mistakes effected the performance as he sulked through it.

26.50/19.80 -1.00 = 45.30 into first and he laughs about that.

Ali Demirboga from Turkey.. seasons best at 34 points.. toe pick choreography to start.. double Lutz/single toe.. -3.. footwork into triple Salchow with a hand down -1.. double Axel rough entrance.. -1.. flying sit with variation died in speed -1.. circular footwork as the music builds.. not bad.. 0.. camel rough position/upright/change/sit.. -1.. turns to sit/change/sit camera was in a bad place but looks like a step and complete stand-up in between the change edge.. -2.. straight line footwork and crowd gets into it as the beat starts up.. 0.. and ends right at the end of his sequence. He has potential if he can work on his basics and really get his spins together.. adds little nuances to the footwork which save them. Russian Sailor Dance that sounds straight out of Last of the Mohicans until the beat picks up was his music..  I kinda liked him!

18.74/17.65= 36.39. seasons best and sixth place.

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