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2010 World Championships - Mens Short Program Group Three Live Blogging

We get some introduction after the ice resurfacing and a montage on the big screen of what looks like yesterday compulsory dance.

In this group.. Humberto Contreras.. he's been around a long while now.. starts with a scratch spin to get his legs underneath him.. waltz jump, and another.. and another.. Mark Webster.. single Axel.. look like he has decenet basics.. double flip.. Kevin Alves.. loud applause and gets into it as soon as his name is announced.. triple flip with a turnout into triple toe with another turn out.. Zoltan Kelemen does a jump combo but the camera is in the way to see what it is.. he's looking more built as well.. maybe it's just that I'm watching in full screen this time! double Lutz/double toe landed on the wrong foot.. If I Were a Boy is playing.. hmm? Boris Martinec does a double Lutz/triple toe with a hard fall and stops Kevin Alves in his tracks.. gets up and laughs. Has white spray paint in the back of his hair and dressed straight out of Grease.. I think? Maciej Cieplucha- missed his first jump but it was a triple something/triple toe.. Contreras at the boards with coach Elvis Stojko.. Humberto hasn't aged one bit from when he started competing internationally..

And first up is Humberto Contreras from Mexico.. a hug for coach Elvis and he's ready. 26 years old now.. skating to Conquistador. Extremely rail thin. Into character with the first steps.. slow into triple Salchow.. cheated and maybe downgraded/step double toe which won't count.. -3.. audience into the beat.. slowwww into triple loop but two-footed.. -2.. and right into double Axel and he does that one.. 0..  slow circular footwork but he's pretty smooth on all of the edges.. 0.. sit/change/sit with variation..came up out of the first sit position and then changed feet.. -2.. flying sit slows but acceptable.. 0.. the audience really loves those flying entrances... straight line footwork pretty minimal at the beginning but picks up enough... 0.. camel not held/layback/change sit/upright trying to change the edge but the whole spin was a mess.. camel definitely wasn't held for two rotations as it needed to be -3..  Eh, respectable for trying but I don't see any huge improvements. He skates extremely slow into the jumps and he doesn't really have a camel spin still.

Score: 18.38/18.95 = 37.33 Stojko says seasons best and "it's not an easy thing".. he goes into 10th.

Mark Webster from Australia.. Icegiants from Cirque du Soleil is his listed music. double Axel flowed really well +1.. he has deep knee bend and gains speed.. triple flip fell out and underrotated to double -3.. camel/sit/change edge/sit/emanuel spin/upright.. 0. circular footwork.. he moves second best to Pfiefer so far.. 0.. triple Salchow/double toe loop fall out -2.. flying sit with variation slows down.. 0.. straight line footwork.. 0.. sit/change/sit travels -1.. For his decent basics and flow over the ice, he would appear to be pretty sure with his skating.. but yet he skates like he's thinking about everything way too much so there is no interpretation at all to the music.. his face kinda remains stoic the whole time. But anyways, he was still okay.

Score: he says it's not going to be a seasons best thats for sure.. 21.80/20.50 = 42.30.. sixth place right now. I think he says he's waving to his dad.

Kevin Alves from Brazil.. Samba Hop. double Axel turned out.. -2.. triple flip/double toe loop 0.. triple Lutz hand down and lack of steps.. -2.. sit/change/sit with variation is okay.. 0.. circular footwork.. 0.. flying sit broken leg spin into a donut variation but there is NO speed by the end.. -1.. straight line footwork and he's getting into the performance.. footwork is done well +1.. camel/sit/change/sit variation/upright change of edge.. nice spin. +1. All in all not bad. His body has grown but he has a baby face of types still. That was decent all around on the components.. finally again someone had some spark and believed in what they were doing. As for most of these early guys, not too many transitions but overall I liked him..

Score: 27.98/22.30 = 50.28.. second place for now. Says I beat Parr. Haha.

Zoltan Kelemen from Romania.. one of the skaters who had a dream skate at the Olympic qualifying event and made it to Vancouver.. really improved this year. Amelie is the music- I like this program. triple Axel step out -2.. getting into the choreography..triple Lutz step out/triple toe hand down.. -3.. triple flip fall -3.. this is a disaster for him.. sit/change/sit with maybe a fight for a change of edge but it was fast.. 0.. circular footwork is cool +1.. camel/sit/variation/upright.change/camel/sit/upright.. 0.. flying sit is traveling -1.. straight line footwork again is cool +1.. he's really improved on both of those sequences and is using the upper body a lot more. In terms of the program it was one of the strongest we've seen so far but he will be way down in the standings with errors on all three jumps. Eh, I'm still a huge fan of this program, and to his credit he didn't let the performance go after he made the mistakes.

Score: 25.54/22.40 -1.00 = 46.94.. into fourth. 14 points or so below his seasons best.

Boris Martinec from Croatia.. Grease.. that gets a loud cheer from the crowd.. double Axel done but with no lift.. 0.. triple Lutz/double toe 0.. flying sit with variations 0.. footwork into triple flip maybe done on outside edge.. -2.. camel/sit/change/sit variation/upright variation.. 0.. says something to someone at boards.. weird.. maybe its the choreography.. serpentine? footwork with cool choreography in the middle but the footwork itself is basic.. 0.. sit same variation/change/sit 0.. more choreography in place.. he has charisma when he skates well.. circular footwork.. again basic but done well.. 0.. and he runs and falls over in excitement at the end.. he solid it as much as he could but everything he did was pretty basic. Still, he should easily go into second at this point. Kids shout bravo to him as he's leaving the ice. He's really happy. Flip was done on a really deep outside edge.

Score: I think he just corrected the announcer on his last name. 26.60/23.50 = 50.10. Well, for being basic all around I guess third is fair. I still thought he did enough for second. He seems pleased in any event.

Maciej Cieplucha from Poland.. Tango de Roxanne.. triple Lutz/single toe.. stupid mistake -3.. single Axel another stupid mistake.. nerves? -3.. right into third jump triple loop but with no steps into it and really dug in with the toe pick to land it.. -2.. camel/sit/change edge/change/sit/upright.. +1 all centered and rotated fast. circular footwork.. +1 some nice one foot stuff in there.. sit/change/sit is okay.. 0.. straight line footwork.. and this music has no ups or downs.. all the same throughout.. bleh.. footwork is just okay as well.. 0.. flying sit and changed edge.. average speed nice spin.. 0. Blah program mostly because of the music I think. He has some nice spins and his footwork isn't that bad but two really big jumping errors. He's not happy and not saying anything to his coach upon getting off the ice.

Score: Now he's talking to his coach at least. 22.00/22.30 = 44.30.. 12 points below his own seasons best. 8th place.

And we lose the feed.

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