Wednesday, March 24

2010 World Championships - Mens Short Program Group Two Live Blogging

There's only five skaters on the ice. Someone isn't there, and I'm going to assume its Joffrey Bourdon who had the TBC next to his entry the entire time he was listed on the roster for the event. Actually on the ice are Matthew Parr-- single Axel.. nice double Axel.. Girts Jekabsons with a single toe.. Sarkis Hayrapetyan with a double flip and turn out.. and a hard fall on a triple Salchow.. double toe.. yup, Joffrey Bourdon is out.. Georgi Kenchadze.. double toe.. triple toe with a turn out.. and Viktor Pfeifer.. one of the best chances in this first session to qualify into the top 24.. triple Lutz/double toe landed on two feet..

Matthew Parr from Great Britain.. music is called Moonlight Rhumba.. a shake of the hand with the coach and he's ready. He looks more built than the typical skater skinny.. triple Axel with a hand down but all the way around I think.. -1.. triple Lutz/double toe.. 0.. sit variation/change/sit change position.. 0.. straight line footwork... relatively easy but done well.. 0.. footwork into cheated triple flip came out early and crooked will be double -3... flying sit/variation.. 0.. camel/sit/change/sit/traveling/upright with change edge.. -1.. circular footwork.. same as before.. not really performed with flair.. its okay.. 0. And yes it was Moonlight Sonata with a rhumba beat.. not as bad as it sounds. Sucks about the mistake on the flip. He has some quality but looks too tentative.. just let loose! Easy for me to say, I know. Jenna McCorkell looks on.

Score: 28.16/21.15 = 49.31.. into first with a seasons best I think.

Girts Jekabsons from Latvia.. Music is The Monologue. triple Salchow wound up/double toe fall out/fall -2.. music is strong techno but he's not doing much with it yet.. triple toe with no steps directly into it.. collapsed.. -3.. double Axel looks short on rotation -1.. flying sit variation not enough revolutions -2.. straight line footwork.. really simplistic and off balance near the end.. -1.. sit/change/sit once he goes for the variation he kinda loses it.. -1.. circular footwork.. again pretty simple but acceptable.. 0.. camel/sit emanuel variation/change/sit?/upright.. meh.. -1. The music was pretty cool but nothing about his skating is there yet to have any relationship to it. Below average skating skills and posture and lost the spins when he tried to do variations.. but he tried. To his credit (I guess), I'll probably search for his music and add it to my playlist. He doesn't look happy with his effort.

Score: 16.74/17.05 -2.00 = 31.79.. into eighth.

Sarkis Hayrapetyan with a rub of the shoulders from the coach who may be his dad. Music info says it's classical. double Axel 0.. triple Salchow/double toe curvy landing edge.. -1.. sit/change/sit nice on the back sit.. 0.. Cantaliever a la Ilia Klimkin.. that was a nice surprise! Circular footwork.. was that a part of it? If not its really shallow -1.. fall on triple toe with no footwork into it anyways.. -3.. flying camel poor change edge with catchfoot.. -1.. haha head moves into straight line footwork.. he has some flair! footwork is basic.. 0.. camel slow/sit/change/camel poor with the same variation  as the flying spin/upright.. -1. slow altogether. Took a lot of time on the spins and footwork so there was really no time in between the elements.. the Cantaliever move was definitely the highlight.. it's not particularly easy to do! No technique at all on the jumps.. keeps his elbows way out which I would think slows down his rotation.. of course the move I spoke of is shown twice in replay..

20.12/19.90 -1.00 = 39.02.. sixth place.

Joffrey Bourdon.. they announced his name and are giving him one minute to skate even though he wasn't on the warm-up.. "we are giving him one minute to appear" says the lady announcer. Weird that the country wouldn't just withdraw him if he wasn't going to show up. Last time I checked Montenegro isn't a huge figure skating power with a lot of cash to throw around.

Georgi Kenchadze from Georgia.. Flamenco.. Irina Slutskaya used this music in her final free skate.. SLOWWWWW.. double Axel done though just fine.. 0.. triple Salchow step-out.. -3.. triple toe/double toe.. 0.. all jumps done right away.. camel/sit variation/change/sit/upright.. 0. crowd getting into the beat but he's not. straight line footwork with a slip.. -1.. flying sit with variation slow but mostly centered.. 0.. this music is pretty cool.. circular footwork level one but acceptable shallow circle I'd think.. -1.. sit/change/sit really slowed down on the change.. -1.. The crowd got much more into the performance than he allowed himself to. He skates with tension and could let loose a tremendous amount.. below average on all of the components..

Scores: 22.74/19.35 = 42.09.. seasons best. into fifth. I think his and some other skaters components are generous compared to Andrew Huertas' scores. But so goes life.

Viktor Pfiefer from Austria.. Moonlight Sonata.. triple tano Lutz/triple toe with turn out and no holding of the edge.. -1.. double Axel nicely done and flowed +1.. triple flip on the wrong edge.. -1.. but it was nice.. sit with variations/change/sit.. just okay.. 0.. circular footwork is flowing much smoother than I remember him ever doing previously.. +1.. fying sit on his toepick when he had the variation plus some traveling.. 0.. straight line footwork +1 again looking better than I ever remember... camel with variation/sit/change/sit/upright with his unusual creative position that never fails to die in speed.. 0. I enjoyed him a lot more than I did at the Olympics. The entry to his flying spin drew tremendous applause. LOL. I don't know if it's Priscilla Hill or his own maturing as a skater but he moves a whole lot smoother than he used to. Decent all around but the transitions were not there. He has a chance to qualify to the free skate with this performance I'd think.

Score: 35.00/24.95 = 59.95.. 4 points or so below his seasons best but ten points out in front of the rest of the field.

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