Wednesday, March 24

2010 World Championships - Mens Short Program Group Six Live Blogging

In this group.. Artem Borodulin with a back scratch spin to start.. nice easy double Axel.. Adrian Schultheiss.. loud response.. triple Lutz/triple toe easily done.. single Axel as he warms up for triple.. Ryan Bradley.. loud response for him as well.. triple toe/double toe.. he was going for the quad.. Pavel Kaska.. high triple Lutz done easily.. I remember him a few years ago at Skate Canada making the later short program group with all kinds of big names and looking completely out of place and nervous.. haha..  Abzal Rakimgaliev.. tries a triple Axel and falls out.. another triple Axel.. closer but falls off the landing edge. Peter Liebers just landed a gorgeous quad toe loop in the warm-up..

Artem Borodulin of Russia starts off the group.. skating to Kalinka.. triple Axel big fall out... -3.. spread eagle and he's stopping.. of course the camera focuses on the foot he has on the ice and not the one he has up to show the judges.. I still don't quite know what happened.. he has two minutes to fix his problem and a two point deduction.. I think he just withdrew! Seems his blade came loose or broke or something on the impact of the triple Axel. Well, that sure sucks for him. Yup-- broken blade. Unbelievable. Good news for Jinlin Guan who just qualified to the final along with Fernandez, Reynolds, Amodio, Kovalevski, Pfeifer, and Kim so far. Othman would be next in line if any skaters upcoming score lower than him.

Now Adrian Schultheiss of Sweden gets an extra few minutes to prepare himself. That has to be another sucky position to skate in. I really like the concepts he comes up with for all of his programs.. high triple Lutz/triple toe muscled out.. +1.. first jump was a beauty.. triple Axel and he nailed that too.. +1.. camel/sit variation/upright/change/sit/upright.. minor traveling.. +1.. circular footwork is where I think he needs to improve.. all of his footwork and in between skating is done so slow.. but this is still nice and goes to the music.. +1.. triple flip nicely done. maybe a questionable edge though.. 0.. sit change sit with variation is a bit slow.. 0.. straight line footwork started a bit far from the boards and isn't too difficult.. 0.. flying sit with the variations from before and another nice one to end on one knee.. +1. Well he really pulled it together after having to skate so suddenly. He looks kinda indifferent for a clean skate! Maybe he's just worn out. This soft and gentle music and skating, while probably preferred by the judges, is not where he shines in my opinion. Long program might be "weird" to some but it just fits his personality and style. Puts on a cowboy hat and the crowd cheers.

Score: 41.70/30.65  = 72.35.. into first. Fair program components but still it shows Amodio deserved much higher.

Ryan Bradley of the United States.. quad toe a little bit underrotated and he couldn't keep the landing... -3.. double Axel supposed to be a triple.. but still a nice jump +1.. he looks too focused.. footwork into triple Lutz.. maybe a slight two-foot.. 0.. circular footwork not with his usual energy.. he gets into it a bit halfway through.. 0. Flying camel with a donut variation to a catch-knee? type thing.. slow though.. 0.. camel/same donut/change/camel.. 0... slow.. but the first to do camels instead of sit spins. straight line footwork started far from the boards for him, too. he's really just not into this.. 0.. camel/upright with change edge/change/sit and variation.. slow again.. 0. He's not happy. Lots of points lost on the combo and he didn't really make any effort to salvage the crowd back into it in my opinion. When he's not on, his basic skating quality and average/poor spins really stand out. This might be really close as far as qualifying, honestly. Everything that he did do was just okay, and his interpretation, while usually great, was not there today in the least.

Score: 26.30/30.80 - 1.00 = 56.10.. in 10th. With that, Jamal Othman qualifies and now Ryan needs either Pavel Kaska or Abzal Rakimgaliev to go below his total, or a complete meltdown by someone else, which isn't likely.

Pavel Kaska from Czech Republic.. Nutrocker.. triple Lutz fall leaning backwards and Bradley might be able to thank him.. -3.. double Axel.. 0.. triple loop.. nicely done.. +1.. camel /sit variation/change sit/sandhu spin.. slowed.. 0.. straight line footwork is nice but no personality.. +1.. flying sit that he almost lost.. with variation.. 0.. circular footwork.. just going through the motions.. 0.. sit spin/change/sit again slowed way down and not the best position on the change.. still acceptable.. 0. He always looks like he has no confidence to me, and that he accepts it. His basic skating isn't bad and he's generally consistent with the triples, so get some confidence and sell the program! It's fun music that ended up completely forgettable. I feel like I'm starting to channel Simon Cowell without trying. Blah.

Score: 24.60/26.95 -1.00 = 50.55.. 13th. Ryan Bradley qualifies to the free skate.

Abzal Rakimgaliev from Kazakhstan.. I actually see a lot of potential in him. Two years ago he made the free skate at Worlds and he was just 15, and thanks to Denis Ten, he's back. Triple Axel was not there in warm-up.. let's see. fell again.. looked rotated.. -3.. I like this music.. triple flip/triple toe.. fought it out.. 0.. rushed the triple Lutz and fell out.. -3.. sit/change/sit.. basic positions on both but they were quick.. +1.. circular footwork.. it was okay.. 0.. camel/sit/variation/change/sit/upright... again.. it was basic.. 0.. serpentine footwork sequence.. kinda gets lazy towards the end and not complex at all.. probably level 1.. 0.. flying sit with low variation into pancake.. 0.. He's not happy with the Lutz I'm sure.. and yet another one that will be lucky to just sneak into the finals, but probably not. At least he kept with it the entire program and sold it the best he could. Skating skills are very "earlier session" though.

Score: 28.40/27.20 -1.00 = 54.60.. in 11th place. He qualifies by .15 of a point over Ari-Pekka Nurmenkari.

Peter Liebers from Germany.. had the quad in warmup.. and not here.. rotated but fell.. -3.. he's tall. triple Axel with three turns but kept it on one foot somehow.. -2.. triple Lutz rushed into the second jump of the combo and fell before he even got up into the air -3.. disaster.. And I actually really like his quality. Figures. This whole group aside from Schultheiss has sucked. circular footwork just okay.. 0.. flying sit into some awkward donut position.. it literally traveled a mile.. -2.. camel/sit nice position there/change/camel with donut/upright.. that was great +2... getting the crowd into it with the straight line footwork.. more music that I like, at least they have that going on in this group.. second half of the sequence is basic... 0.. sit/change edge/change foot/donut sit that's been nice the entire time.. +1. He's a good spinner but the jumps weren't there. Who knows.. he will get points for rotating the quad but he had no combo after he fell on the Lutz. Components definitely be better than Rakimgaliev so he might also just barely qualify.. but he missed all three jump elements.

Score: 28.54/27.55 = 54.09.. and into 14th. He won't qualify. That sucks. Ari-Pekka Nurmenkari, on the other hand, does qualify. If someone from the top two-ranked groups decides to follow suit and completely miss everything, Alexandr Kazakov would be next in line.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I was connected to your blog from Golden Skate. Thanks for blogging. I feel so bad for Borodulin - broken blade! I can't imagine how he felt! Thanks for blogging. Can't wait for Bradley, but I'm nervous! With Lysacek out, I want Bradley to win!

Anonymous said...

Artem out.
Does that mean just 1 Spot for Russian men next year?

Tony said...

Voronov alone is going to have to finish in the top 10 now to keep two spots for 2011..

Anonymous said...

Tony, great blog, thanks for this. I love following your PBP.

What do you think are Voronov's chances of finishing in the top 10?

Anonymous said...

So far very disappointing performance.
I just hope next 2 groups live up to their reputation.

Tony said...

Voronov's chances.. seeing how everyone has skates so far, they look decent. I'm not a fan of the way he skates or his choreography, though.