Wednesday, March 24

2010 World Championships - Mens Short Program Group Five Live Blogging

The live feed from Universal Sports is back.. the skating starts in about 10 minutes. Why the ISU is showing an ice dance montage on the big screen is beyond me. Actually now it seems to be all of the disciplines mixed together. My bad.

Okay, in this group.. Javier Fernandez.. does some stroking and a scratch spin to back spin.. Florent Amodio with a nice triple Lutz as soon as he is introduced.. Jamal Othman with a set of triples as his name is announced and cowbells in the audience, he has a large fan base here it seems.. triple Lutz/triple toe with a two foot on the latter jump.. Kevin Reynolds.. big cheers for him as well.. he's sure grown tall.. single Axel.. was going for triple.. Jinlin Guan... back scratch spin.. they spent a whole ten seconds on him.. Anton Kovalevski with a triple Axel.. low landing and wide on the free leg.. Fernandez stands at the boards with Nikolai Morozov.. Kovalevski again low on a triple Axel attempt.. warm-up over.

Up first, Javier Fernandez from Spain.. skating to The Matrix.. Clubbed to Death more specifically.. triple Axel EASILY done.. that was really gorgeous.. +2. Triple Lutz/triple toe.. again effortless and rotated way before he landed.. +2.. Triple flip on the outside edge but gorgeous again otherwise.. -1.. flying sit with donut position and arms up.. +1.. music change to Spybreak I believe.. Circular footwork.. crowd is into it and so is he... lots of arm flailing but the footwork itself is good too.. +2.. sit/change/sit into that donut position.. it was okay.. 0.. straight line steps again and gets the crowd right back into it.. moving slower than the first but still good.. +1.. camel/sit with change edge and position/change/sit with variation and upright scratch.. good job +1. Very, very good performance. The jumps were effortless.. think Nobunari Oda. He's definitely making his way up the standings! Program is typical Morozov though.. not much going on besides in the step sequences.

Score: 41.50/30.15 = 71.65.. into first place by just a bit :)

Florent Amodio from France.. triple Axel with a hop out... -2.. nice triple Lutz.. +1.. triple Salchow/triple toe.. great +1.. always leaves a split second too much in between the jumps in my opinion.. circular footwork.. he really uses his body and shows off his basic skating +2.. flying sit spin into variation that slows a bit.. +1.. camel/sit/change/crossfoot sit.. ugly position and he travels at the end/upright... 0.. that position in the middle is so ugly.. straight line footwork.. again in complete control using his upper body +2.. sit/hop/sit with ugly variation again/change/sit.. that position needs to go!! but still +1. I really, really like him. You can tell he feels the music instead of just skating to it and he has great basics.. The jumps are huge, too. Based on components scores I probably would even have this ahead of Fernandez, as good as Javier just was. Just ditch that one sit spin!

Score: 37.16/31.15 = 68.31... That's too low for me. His components average is just over a 6.. should be much higher... but again, it seems to be all about the skate order with components.

Jamal Othman from Switzerland.. glad to see him back.. Transylvanian Lullaby.. He's only 23... really showed so much promise when he was 18 but hasn't done much since.. simple double Axel but nicely done.. +1.. he's been working on the triple for a long while.. triple Lutz/triple toe.. looked like the free foot took a while to get behind him but I think it was on one foot... 0.. fall on triple flip that was way on the outside edge... -3.. circular footwork is nicely done +1.. sit/change/sit with a change of edge... 0.. straight line footwork.. slowish.. 0.. flying sit with changes of edge and variation.. that was good.. +1.. camel with catchfoot into upright still with the catchfoot/change/sit with a change of edge.. it was unique but slow.. 0. He seemed scratchier than I remember him last being and he doesn't skate with the same speed as many of the others in this second half do. He still carries himself well though and has a good artistic sense. Maybe not enough to qualify, though. Triple/triple stayed on one foot in replay.

Score: 29.80/28.55 -1.00 = 57.35.. into fifth. Probably not a qualifier.

Kevin Reynolds from Canada.. could be Rachael Flatt's brother. Just saying. Jazzy music. Quad Salchow/triple toe.. looked questionable on rotation but it was nice.. +1.. single Axel just as he did in warm-up.. -3.. his basics aren't so bad.. triple Lutz was low but he did it.. 0.. flying sit.. fast and with a donut position.. slight traveling.. +1.. circular footwork.. lots of personality throughout the program so far.. +1.. sit/change/sit that slowed.. 0. straight line footwork.. it's hop-y and fun but the beginning wasn't too difficult.. +1.. camel/sit/pancake position/change/sit/upright layback-ish position.. that was his best spin of the program +1. He has personality and if he rotated the quad then his score shouldn't be too affected by the pop of the Axel. "Little bit pulled there on the back edge, eh?" says coach Joanne McLeod. Quad looks rotated to me.

Score: 37.90/33.30 = 71.20.. into second and I don't know about having higher scores than Amodio for components..

Jinlin Guan from China.. Korobushko by Bond.. gentle with his movements is how I'd describe his skating.. triple Lutz very 'careful'/triple toe with a step out on the landing.. -1. spirals into triple flip that might have been a slight outside edge.. 0.. flying sit spin with variations was good +1.. his choreography has some personality with the movements but his face and body aren't really showing that.. crowd is getting into it.. circular steps were good +1.. single Axel as well... -3.. sit/change/sit with variation... +1.. he keeps pretty well centered.. straight line footwork.. some energy but not enough to make the program really shine... this sequence was just okay.. 0. camel/sit/upright/change/sit variation and change edge... +1.. he's okay but no personality yet.. the audience clapping doesn't last very long and it's very tepid at best. He wasn't horrible, just a long way to go. Cool shot of his spinning in the replay between his coaches shoulders..

Score: 30.60/28.85 = 59.45.. in sixth. Will probably make the final based on skaters in the next group.

Anton Kovalevski from Ukraine.. Flamenco.. strokes into triple Axel and he had to turn out.. ALWAYS low to the ice for him.. -2.. long setup into triple Lutz/triple toe.. just okay really.. 0.. and right into a triple loop again just okay.. 0.. flying sit spin travels in the beginning but ends okay.. 0.. straight line footwork.. he's giving it energy.. +2.. sit is slow/change/sit with variation.. again just okay.. 0. Stops to interpret the music a bit.. circular footwork again has some nice steps in it.. I guess I never realized that this is one of his stronger points.. +1.. camel/sit/y-spin/change/low sit/upright headless spin... that was good as well on the latter half.. +1. Another average crowd response. Everything for me is basically just okay.. the first footwork sequence was nice but there's nothing too special about anything else. I'd guess comfortably into fourth.

Scores: 37.60/30.00 = 67.60.. a seasons best.. and yep, into fourth. Way too close to Amodio. Florent got screwed.


Anonymous said...

Jamal and then Kevin ... wow these boys are BIG!

Anonymous said...

Awesome comments Tony! ♥ it!!!

Anonymous said...

IN for Kevin=6.80 vs Florent=6.35
TR Kevin=6.45 vs Florent=5.95
This is a bad joke ...

Tony said...

I think Kevin had some nice transitions but a flashy jazzy program doesn't necessarily mean it has more content or literal interpretation than a classical program, judges!!! Amodio was underscored for sure.