Wednesday, March 24

2010 World Championships - Mens Short Program Group Eight Live Blogging

Almost over :-) Universal Sports cuts away to commercials now, so no warm-up report.

Samuel Contesti from Italy goes first.. Wish Me Well is the music. I love his personality but the weaknesses in his skating really show when he skates with all the other top men.. triple Lutz/triple toe kinda leaning on the toe but pulled it off just fine.. +1..  jugetriple Axel.. off the axis in the airbut again landed fine.. +1.. triple flip on the flat.. landed it again though.. 0.. sit/change sit with change edge and variation.. slow and very basic... 0.. circular footwork.. +1.. flying sit spin with variation.. +1.. straight line footwork is okay.. he adds personality but it's not too difficult +1.. crowd isn't particularly behind him like he'd hope for camel/sit/change edge and variation/change/sit/upright.. +1.. Not bad at all, but this program has never quite gotten the response that I think he originally wanted. He's happy anyways! Almost for sure going to end up in 5th..

Score: 42.60/35.80 = 78.40.. yup 5th.. that seems high. Components averaged in the 7's.. skating skills and transitions aren't really at that level.

Brian Joubert from France.. Rise by Safri Duo, complete with the transition of shaking his butt at the beginning. Just kidding, I actually like the way this program builds. quad toe loop/triple toe... not the best landing and no run-out but who cares, he did it... 0.. triple Axel.. again nice.. +1.. triple Lutz.. +1.. he's excited.. flying sit spin with change of edge and into a donut spin.. a lot better than I remember him spinning +2.. circular footwork isn't the most difficult but the quality and execution is good.. the audience is for sure behind him.. +2.. camel/sit/variation/change/sit/upright Y that kinda ruined it.. +1.. coach is into it.. straight line footwork is good but nothing special... +1.. sit change edge/change sit variation.. +1.. hmm.. obviously he doesn't have the skating skills, transitions, or complex choreography as compared to Chan, Abbott, and Kozuka, but his technical mark should be huge. I'm going to guess he slots in behind Takahashi.. It's hard for me to know though without actually scoring it..

Score: 47.90/39.80 = 87.70.. in third place.. interesting. I think that is fair. Here comes the quad vs. no quad talk again. His footwork and spins weren't as good as Chan.. As far as Takahashi.. I think he got lucky.

Kevin Van der Perren from Belgium.. slow and so casual into quad toe/triple toe and it ended up nice.. 0.. triple Axel not close and -3.. of course after he does the quad. And right into triple flip.. 0.. flying sit spin traveling.. variations.. 0.. definitely not the best spinner. straight line footwork sequence doesn't have anywhere near the fluidity of mostly everyone else in the final two groups so far... but still good I suppose.. +1.. camel/sit/variation/change/upright with change edge/layback.. slow at the end and average.. 0.. circular footwork with not very much energy.. he's trying, I guess.. 0.. sit variation/change/sit variation traveling a bit again.. 0.. he's happy. There's nothing to the program but element to element to element, especially the jumps in the beginning. No transitions, really, and little speed throughout. Just not a fan of the lack of content, and I don't think it would be as obvious if he was skating in earlier groups.. My guess? He goes into 11th..

Score: 39.80/34.75 -1.00 = 73.55-- in 7th. He got real lucky, and again it's on the components mark. Skating in the last group doesn't equal give the highest components scores!!!

Michal Brezina from Czech Republic.. amazing triple Axel.. +2.. triple Lutz again beautiful.. +2.. triple flip/triple toe.. low on the flip and maybe on the outside edge.. 0.. sit/change/sit traveling and slow -1.. definitely not a strong point for him.. straight line footwork.. good +1.. flying sit spin.. change variation and he goes traveling again.. -1.. circular footwork.. he moves really nice but Paul comments that he doesn't do much with his upper body.. agreed. footwork is still good.. +1.. camel/sit/change edge/variation/change/sit/scratch.. acceptable.. 0.. Spins are what hold him back, obviously. My head is spinning after watching this all day but I think he has a chance to slot into 6th, ahead of Contesti.

Score: 45.40/36.35 = 81.75.. into 5th. ahead of Jeremy Abbott. I don't think so. I can't wait to go back and score this stuff. All the letters I have published about skate order and components scores seem to be the case here..

Adam Rippon from the United States.. gains a lot of speed quickly.. wally into triple flip/triple toe.. secure on both landings-- really nice.. +2.. triple Axel.. turned out but rotated.. -1.. flying camel to donut.. that was really nice, too.. +2.. so soft on his skates.. I like this.. circular footwork difficult but he makes it look effortless.. +2.. triple Lutz with both hands over the head.. +2.. straight line footwork and he's happy with himself.. +2.. camel/sit variation/change/upright catchfoot traveled on the later half.. +1.. sit change sit.. fast and nice variation.. +2. Wow, I gave him all +2's except for on the turn out of the triple Axel and one spin. Who knows with how this judging is going today, but I wouldn't be surprised in the least if he moves into 4th place. Everything he did was really, really strong.

Score: 43.76/36.35 = 80.11-- personal best. He's in 7th. Hmph... he outskated Brezina for sure.

Denis Ten from Kazakhstan.. Sing Sing Sing... and we end with this.. right away triple Axel... perfect landing +2.. triple Lutz/triple toe.. good except not a long runout.. +1.. triple flip on the outside edge it seems.. -1.. combo spin with illusion and Biellmann/change sit/y spin.. that was very different for a change.. +2.. circular footwork.. +2 well done.. flying sit spin change edge and donut spin.. +1.. sit with change edge and donut again change sit in another donut position.. good positions and centering, just needs more speed +1.. straight line footwork.. he's excited and wants the crowd more into it.. +2.. well I have NO idea where that will end up. I'll venture to say 5th but I guessed that just a skater ago and it definitely didn't happen.

Again you can hear Carruthers, Lipinski, and Weir but they caught on quick this time.. Carruthers asked where Abbott is currently placed. Nothing exciting.

Score: 77.40 and 9th. Bleh.

Weir thinks Takahashi was best on the day.. and Lipinski adds that he was really on tonight. Weir says that for a Japanese skater, he is very "warm" on the ice with his eyes, compared to many Japanese skaters in the past who have come across "cold"..

Weir says Chan always gets the job done, but he feels it's a little put on.. the character is similar, even if his edge works and he jumps well. Everything is really good, but there's nothing with him that feels like it comes from within.

Lipinski says she doesn't understand scoring on quad toe for Joubert and he had beautiful skating.. Weir adds that Brian has the presence.. Tara thinks personality is a big part of it, likes that more than someone just going through the moves. Lipinski goes on about Brian having the quad AND the performance today.. more talk about the base value for the quad.. both skaters think that it should be higher.. Weir thinks Brian should be in 1st or 2nd.

Questions about Plushenko vs. Lysacek.. nothing we haven't head before. OK, time to prepare for pairs long.


Anonymous said...

Wow Brian is stealing the show.

Anonymous said...

Clean Joubert behind quad-less Chan.
Crowd be unhappy with that.

Anonymous said...

Tony, with Dai almost secure at 1st place now,
Do you think he would go for quad tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

"Weir says Chan always gets the job done, but he feels it's a little put on.. the character is similar, even if his edge works and he jumps well. Everything is really good, but there's nothing with him that feels like it comes from within."

Though I don't like Weir, I second that. I don't know...but I always feel something is missing in his performance. People call Joubert "a machine," but to me, Chan looks more like "a machine," or more correctly, "an artistic machine." Maybe just because he is still young. But I agree with you, Tony. I feel Chan will make it this time.