Thursday, March 25

2010 World Championships - Original Dance Group One Live Blogging

I woke up today at the normal time that I usually wake up, thinking that I had just slept through about 45 minutes of the original dance, but it doesn't start for another 15. Oh.. lucky me. If you read my reviews yesterday, I said that today for the ice dance I'll probably just share my basic impressions the dances, like I did with the pairs free skate. I'm learning what to look for in ice dance, but I haven't convinced myself that I can put it all into writing in live-time and actually enjoy the skating, even if there are only four scored elements!

Okay, introductions of the officials. Not without the ISU sports introduction on the big screen first. The rink has maybe 200 people in it right now for those counting. Shot of Ottavio Cinquanta again. He looks awfully tired-- wake up! You have a long day ahead of you. Referee: Walter Zuccaro; Technical Controller: Gilles Vandenbroeck Technical Specialist: Marie Bowness; Assistant Technical Specialist: Sergei Ponomarenko; Judges: 1: Laimute Krauziene; 2: Tianyi Zhang; 3: Robyn S. Nott; 4: Kathleen Harmon; 5: Rolf Pipoh; 6: Irina Medvedeva; 7: Szilard Toth; 8: Malgorzata Sobkow; 9: Katalin Alpern

In the warm-up group.. Mallory/Rand, Hermann/Hermann, Chitwood/Hanretty,  and Reed/Japaridze.

Caitlyn Mallory and Kristjan Rand from Estonia.. rotational lift is a bit sloppy and average in speed. A lot of sloppy looking choreography to polka-ish music, but more-so because of the music and choreography than their actual talent. They choose to do the circular footwork pattern at the slow point in the music.. twizzles were on but the second set looked like she really had to push through. Individual footwork is in unison, though we will see much more difficult stuff later. Lots of personality throughout, and the sloppy looking choreography went away pretty quick, which was nice. Definitely not a bad performance for the first skaters. They can work on their speed and ice coverage. They are currently 20th, by the way. Top 20 teams overall after this dance make it to the free dance tomorrow. Coaches are Zoueva and Shiplband.. who don't they coach?

Score:  24.70/19.07 = 43.77 for 70.39 overall. 4 points below their seasons best, though. Into 1st. Duh.

Carolina Hermann and Daniel Hermann from Germany. Their lift was really basic and his hunched forward position the entire time was ugly. Straight line step.. again slow and very basic but they matched it. Better than trying stuff too hard and making a mess of it I guess. Now the music picks up and they go into their twizzles.. separate further and further through them, and on the second set one she was short rotation I think. Their dance step was again basic, and this time it didn't really keep up with the music. All-in-all not terrible, but they probably receive low levels on everything. It was a fun dance, though. In the replay they weren't in unison at all on the first twizzles, and she indeed stepped out of her last twizzle in the second set. Zazoui and some other coach that I don't know, but would like to know, sit with them in the kiss and cry.

Score: 24.00/18.81 = 42.81 for 69.17 overall. Second. Seasons best. They all awkwardly sit and look at each other for a few seconds, and then Zazoui kills the silence.

Christina Chitwood and Mark Hanretty from Great Britain. Scottish bagpipe music. Or maybe it's Irish. I guess I could look up their music title. Straight line footwork is nicely done, they looked sure of that the entire time. First twizzles were ugly with their legs extended the entire time, but they matched, second set he struggled through but kept it together. Amazing Grace on bagpipes. Circular dance step isn't particularly difficult but they are still flowing extremely well through everything. Rotational lift with again as basic as they come and he really put on the breaks as he rotated. They had a nice energy but the in-betweens can be stronger, especially with her from what I can see.

Score: 26.70/17.57 = 44.27 for 68.97.. into third but first in the original dance.

Allison Reed and Otar Japaridze from Georgia.. currently in 22nd. Georgian folk dance. How fitting. Straight line footwork.. twizzles in the middle are off slightly.. towards the end some edge work that is basic. Dance lift with her body wrapped around his and her face towards the ice is ok, he may have been in a spread eagle position. Dance step again she looked short on the twizzle in the middle.. well on every twizzle they don't match. Change of music and some toe pick stepping that I guess is indicative of the dance? But it doesn't move anywhere. Timing on the first twizzles AGAIN someone was off, I can't tell who it was but every single time they ended up coming out of them at different times. Final lift that doesn't even count for points seemed to get them stuck in the position at the end. It was okay, I hope they show some of the twizzles in the replay so I can figure out what was going on with them. Okay, they were off the entire first set, and it looks like she really curls the final edge so she always comes out before him. If that makes sense..

Score: 24.90/18.45 = 43.35 for 69.42 overall. Second for now.

Zadorozhniuk and Verbillo from Ukraine have withdrawn based on the overall standings. News to me.

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