Thursday, March 25

2010 World Championships - Original Dance Group Two Live Blogging

And we move on. In the group.. Reed/Reed, O'Brien/Merriman, Maitz/Ucar, and Good/Sorensen as Disturbia by Rihanna plays in the warm-up.

Two ladies that are members of the ISU shown in the audience.. one of them has a little bit of a snarl going on!

First to skate, Cathy Reed and Chris Reed from Japan. They have some catching up to do after she was the only skater to fall in the compulsory, and it dragged him down too. Japanese traditional music, and they are dressed for the part. Straight line footwork was done well and to the music, and they had their fan props in their hands the entire time. Dance lift with he in a spread eagle.. nice but nothing special. I guess it was a nice close to that part of the music. First set of twizzles he looked early on the exit, second ones well done-- quick but far apart. She looks less comfortable than she did in the compulsory dance.. circular dance step was nicely done. And a rotational lift to end which was also okay. There is some good quality to their skating. I think Chris broke his fan in the middle of the program. I don't know how I feel about props. Ask me later. In the twizzles Chris did come out just a split second before Cathy, but they held their hands up with the fans throughout, I guess that's cool.

Score: 28.40/22.01 = 50.41.. 75.19 overall and into first.

Shot of Zuccaro looking on, as Danielle O'Brien and Gregory Merriman take the ice.. from Australia. They are skating to an aboriginese dance just as Domnina/Shabalin controversially did. Much simpler costumes here, though. Lift with he in a spread eagle and she on his leg and her head toward the ice.. that was nice. Mess of the twizzles.. he came out way early on the second set and the first set were not in unison from the start. Footwork is simple and again they don't keep unison at the end. Dance spin into a transition of music.. I liked that. Probably the weakest basics of any of the teams so far, and they start their dance step very slowly. Again, nothing too difficult there. I don't know that I really got a feeling out of that dance but some of the choreography was really nice. Just not the basics to complete with the other teams yet. She's very pretty.

Score: 22.70/15.51 = 38.21 for 59.28.. 6th place. She's excited about the seasons best.

Jenette Maitz and Alper Ucar from Turkey. Turkish folk dance. I see a trend going on here. Coach Voiko smiles on. He was competing in singles just last year. Set-up footwork into twizzles was unusual.. they both move very sharp rather than smooth.. you'd have to see it to understand what I mean, probably. First set was okay, but the second set was off unison from the start. Straight line step and they have smoothed the movement.. none of the moves are really finished off and they have a lot of arm movements. Dance lift was nice.. she in a split and he in a crouching position. Dance step off balance at points and everything is done very carefully without much change of movement. I know they are new and just excited to be here, but obviously a lot of areas to work on.

Score: 20.40/11.74 = 32.14 for 49.50 and 7th place.

Katelyn Good and Nikolaj Sorensen from Denmark.. a Danish folk dance. Yup, the trend continues. Straight line step was nice but simple, performed to the rhythm which was a pretty slow one at that. Crowd clapping doesn't match the beat. Rotational lift.. she holds on to his arm and has a catchfoot position. Now the crowd hears the beat. They are having fun. Twizzles again on the simple side but clean, although they had some nice transitions all the way down the rink leading into them.. dance step done slowly but it was okay.. she doesn't have the edges. Overall on the simple side but the dance was enjoyable and believable, and they at least can stay in sync for the most part. I liked them.

Score: 25.20/15.79 = 40.99, 63.55 overall. In 6th. Third best technical mark though.

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