Thursday, March 25

2010 World Championships - Original Dance Group Five Live Blogging

Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto join Andrea Joyce in the Universal Sports studio to comment on the final two groups. Good, they can do all the talking for me.

Sinead Kerr and John Kerr from Great Britain.. back to a previous original dance after they said they wore out their earlier country original dance. So, Scottish music and a kilt. First set of twizzles and you can just see that it isn't as easy for them compared to some of the prior teams, even. They do mirror twizzles, though, which is cool I suppose. Nice lift, him in a spread eagle and she upside down. Hydroblading move is nice. Straight line step gets the crowd engage but not much difficulty until the very end. Speed is kept up leading into circular dance step, well done but not as close as the top teams will be. Rotational lift gets swingy intentionally but I don't think it's very attractive. Belbin says that crowd received it better than the Johnny Cash program and it worked well. I really want to love them and I love their free dance this year but it's just really apparent that they still struggle through twizzles and don't do the most difficult footwork compared to some of the teams they are ranked near.

Score: 28.60/29.63 = 58.23 seasons best yet again.. seems like everyone is getting it. 95.79 into first.

Vanessa Crone and Paul Poirier from Canada. Seems all the Canadian teams are doing a flamenco or something Spanish-related. Belbin says a lot of energy and raw power for this team. He sticks his chest out a lot. Straight line step is really close together and turns into some mirror skating, back together-- Agosto very nice clean turns on all the steps. Flamenco difficult rhythm because you have to be smooth with all of your movements. Rotational lift nice entrance and popped up around his neck. Twizzles are well done. Agosto says difficult to stay on one foot in between, don't have another push to start them. I think Poirier is trying to channel Scott Moir a bit. Belbin-- likes the way they pace themselves, connection between each other and audience is good, building the program well.. definitely a team whose presentation is maturing quickly. Simple rotational lift at the end and into their final pose. I liked it, and I think that they are definitely a team to watch out for. Remember, they were already 12th in the world last year.

Score: 29.20/26.56 = 55.76 and 89.08 overall.. into 2nd place.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White of the USA. Agosto says watch how fast they move and how easy everything looks. I personally love this program if you're interested :-), Belbin-- this program so well received, unique and creative.. will be a signature piece for years to come. Agosto- great unison on footwork, floating across the ice. Belbin- intricacies set them apart from every other team, hard to keep that in sync. Rotational lift.. Agosto- very difficult change of position.. Belbin- they make lifts like that seem so easy, weaves right into the choreography of the program.. she says great energy going into the last section. Agosto- very nice twizzles, you see how fast they go through them.. don't lose speed at all. Well, Belbin was pretty unbiased when commenting on Charlie, no? She says that the 4th place in last years Worlds really gave them the drive for this year, says Meryl really shines in this program. They are avoiding saying anything about former coaches Zoueva and Shiplband, though.

Score: 34.10/35.19 = 69.29 and 112.54 overall another seasons best.

Federica Faiella and Massimo Scali from Italy.. I also like this dance a lot. Belbin talks about the coaching change this year, trained with them for a bit. Agosto- skate program with castonettes in their hands the entire time. Difficult lift as she's arched back. Belbin- nice edge control and knee action in the footwork.. they are great performers, great vehicle for them. In twizzles, they great really close in first step and he puts his foot down in the second part. Belbin says speed is getting better but wish they had it throughout the program. Agosto good use of hold changes in the footwork.. I think it looks kinda slow. Belbin- unfortunate about twizzle because the rest of the program was well done... Agosto- lose a lot of points by putting that foot down.

Score: 27.90/31.26 = 59.16.. total is 100.01.. into second. Two points below their season best. They don't look too happy with themselves.

Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat of France.. in 4th.. yet another dance I like, to American country music. Agosto- very fun program, they get into the character Belbin- loves energy right off the bat.. Agosto- side by side footwork covers a lot of ice in both senses, deep long edges.. nice complex changes of hold and good transitions.. Belbin- seamless changes on the lift Agosto- using character of the dance to present it. Music changes to a slower rhythm and of course it slows.. Belbin- says on circular step that they can improve a lot in this area.. get deeper to the ice. Back to the fast rhythm. He also puts his foot down on the second twizzle! Agosto says that it's easy to lose focus if you get off in unison in the first twizzle, and try to catch up in the second.. she says it happens all the time but unfortunate when it happens in actual competition.. difficult to put them at the very end of the program. Agosto- great energy throughout the program. Bourzat isn't happy with himself. In replay, he did an extra revolution on the first twizzles. Andrea Joyce thinks they were one of the teams to fall in the 2006 Olympic original dance, Belbin simply answers.. I don't think they were..

Score: 28.60/29.95 = 58.55.. again below their seasons best. 96.30 and into third.


Wicked said...

They are avoiding saying anything about former coaches Zoueva and Shiplband, though.

No, they didn't. Ben commented on the great season Marina and Igor had with coaching both Tessa and Scott and Meryl and Charlie.

Tony said...

I must have missed that, all I heard was that they were training-mates and both were having a great season. Not that I was trying to start drama by bringing that up! I'll probably edit that part out. What do you know, one of the only things I actually said :-P