Thursday, March 25

2010 World Championships - Original Dance Group Four Live Blogging

Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev from Russia.. dressed as sailors.. perfect twizzles and right into the second sequence.. right on unison. Straight line footwork a lot of edgework in the first half, entire thing perfect unison again.. dance step is done well.. some choreography and finally some transitions.. rotational lift is fast and she changes into being straight up and down, nice end to the lift.. Well I really liked it and think they are both great skaters, I just don't think there was very much going on the in the first half in between the elements. There was one part before the dance step where they just did some crossovers into the element, and I think they are capable of much more. Still, a completely clean skate, and the best twizzles so far.

Score: 30.40/24.64 = 55.04.. seasons best. 87.47 overall and into first.

Kimberly Navarro and Brent Bommentre from the USA draw some whistles from the crowd. I still don't know how I feel about his outfit. Start off right away with the twizzles and they were done well. Gaining speed into some transitional moves.. rotational lift and she holds on by his arm, again good speed through that. circular dance step slows them down but still average speed and done smoothly. Choreography in place and getting the crowd into it. Straight line step is average in difficulty but done well. A highlight lift and some more choreography in place to end. They really had a ton of speed in the beginning of that program. I'd put them behind the previous Russians and in line with the Hungarians.. well done.

Score: 26.40/23.93 = 50.33.. 81.69 overall and into third place.

Xiaoyang Yu/Chen Wang from China. Chinese folk dance. Slow throughout their dance step and average difficulty. On the second set of twizzles I think he may have had one more rotation than she in the middle.. nice lift to the music. Mirror side by side footwork to begin, then average steps throughout the rest of the sequence. Basic rotational lift to end. Not horrible, but not up to the level of the pairs in this group or the prior group. I still enjoyed it, though, and they skated it like they really believed in it. She's very pretty, and compared to most other Chinese ladies skaters, she has a normal, full body.

Score: 24.30/20.29 -- seasons best at 44.59.. 73.01 overall and down in 8th. They are happy, though.

Kara Geil and Dmitri Matsjuk from Austria, Austrian folk dance. I probably don't even have to put the music anymore and you can just guess based on their country. Yodeling music. Cuckoo sounding stuff and into their straight line step. A lot of content and it was done well, but average difficulty and it was done slowly. Carry lift where he flips her into a spiral type position and raises one foot. Nice but no real effect and his free skate is pointed towards the ice awkwardly. Dance step.. again a bit on the slow side. Twizzles, she seemed to struggle through both sets and the second one was off unison. Nice lift where she flips under his legs to end. They liked it. Not much in the way of transitions or difficulty, much like the prior team. I'd slot them into 9th, probably.

Score: 25.50/19.38 = 44.88 seasons best again.. total 71.57 and yep, into 9th. I think they are excited that they make the free dance.

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