Thursday, March 25

2010 World Championships - Original Dance Group Three Live Blogging

The stands seem to be full now, and the audience is loud. Shot of a bunch of kids all with yellow hats on.. probably schoolchildren and that is their method of not losing any of them.

In this group.. Mysliveckova/Novak, Rubleva/Shefer, Carron/Jones, Hoffmann/Zavozin.

Lucie Mysliveckova and Matej Novak from the Czech Republic, skating to a FINNISH dance. Oh, the intrigue. She is beautiful. Straight line footwork done perfectly in sync.. lift with spread eagle and she wrapped around his waist.. held half-way down the rink, nicely done. Dance step in moving a bit slow but they are close together and had some difficulty within. Change of music and some fun choreography in place-- he a little check of his posture at the very end of the second twizzle sequence.. they had it until that. Some more cool choreography, it's not moving that fast but my favorite dance so far. It was a lot of fun and they skated it well. Just the little problem at the end of his twizzles.

Score: She makes a cross-eyed face in the kiss and cry. 26.10/19.97 = 46.07.. 73.02.. 2nd place. They look satisfied. Behind the Reeds who are making a big climb back.

Ekaterina Rubleva and Ivan Shefer from Russia.. into character before the music starts... Russian folk dance. Posing and choreography to set the mood.. hydroblading moves.. spread eagles as transitions into a beautiful set of twizzles from both. Straight line footwork again done in great unison.. a lot going on in between the elements. He in a spread eagle and she held by the leg and a transition where she drops lower for their dance lift.. that was nice. Dance step is okay, speed not as good as the rest of the performance to that point. That was a lot of fun, I'd say the most going on as far as transitions in the program and they both have great skating skills. I think they were a little robbed in the compulsories.. maybe or maybe not because they are Russia's third team, but this was another great performance.

Score: 25.90/22.87 = 48.77.. she shakes her head. 79.30 for first overall but behind the Reeds in the dance. I thought that was the better dance. Some boos from the crowd.

Pernelle Carron and Lloyd Jones from France.. skating an Irish dance. Moves similar to Riverdance from Bourne/Kraatz and similar costumes in a way too.. but it's Irish so not like there's much option. Dance step is done with nice flow and nice choreography in the middle. Rotational lift where he carries her with one hand by her back. Twizzles- first set were great, second he somewhat slowed but they still kept it together. Music picks up to Lord of the Dance but their speed isn't really picking up. More steps for choreography, Straight line step is okay... wish there was more speed. Another fast rotational lift with her parallel to the ice as he holds her at waist level. That had energy but it could have had even more. Nice choreography even if it completely reminded me of Bourne/Kraatz in 1998. I think I'd have it third best at this point. Again, she's the better skater. And again, hello coach with Zazoui!

Score: 26.90/23.62 = 50.52 seasons best.. 81.07 and in first. Hmph..

Nora Hoffmann and Maxim Zavozin from Hungary.. in 13th right now.. skating to Hungarian folk dance. Czardas to be more specific. Dance step is done smoothly and nicely with the music. Crowd really into this one.. twizzles done with speed and close together, well done. nice intertwining choreography down the length of the rink, Rotational lift as she grabs her blade and he only holds on to her arm.. nice but could have been faster. Straight line step is again nicely done. He's definitely bulked up since he used to comete for the United States.. A lot of transitions and choreography and he does a sit spin-type move at the end. I liked it, and the crowd really liked it. Easily first for me at this point.

Score: 26.80/25.11 = 51.91 seasons best.. total 83.38 into first but not by as much as I thought.

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