Wednesday, March 24

2010 World Championships - Pairs Long Program Group One Live Blog

Seems like the men just ended.. I probably need a nap :-) For these long program reviews, don't expect a lot of information about the lifts or pairs spins because I found in the short program that it was incredibly hard to type what they were doing in real-time when it came to those elements. But look for jump elements and any other major errors or stand-out elements, as well as my own opinions on the skaters.

The officials:
Referee: Fabio Bianchetti; Tecnhical Controller: Charles Cyr; Technical Specialist: Veronique Fleury; Assistant Technical Specialist: Alexander Kuznetsov
Judges: 1: Nikolai Ianev; 2: Margaret Worsfold.. she looks so happy; 3: Veronique Tolazzi; 4: Gloria Morandi; 5: Igor Dolgushin; 6: Kadi Zvirik.. she looks intense; 7: Yumin Wang; 8: Albert Zaydman; 9: Evgeni Rokhin... the same judge that gave Tatiana Malinina 5.9's during a Nations Cup competition in 2001? or so. Maybe 2000. He was basically her acting coach at the time, too. Ha. I can't believe that was almost 10 years ago either way. It makes me feel really old, and I'm 23!

First warm-up group and then time for a little nap for me I suppose with the RIDICULOUS break between the first and second groups now in every event. Stupid stupid stupid.

In this group.. Morand/Dorsaz.. in 13th place right now. Seems like every time a skater goes to jump the camera changes to a different skater. They almost ran into another team while setting up for double Axels and then Dorsaz points out a different place to jump.. they try again and he has a step out and then I couldn't see about the second jump. Kemp/King.. in the final qualifying spot.. 16th.. throw single toe to get the feeling, I suppose. Hausch/Wende from Germany in 14th place.. double toe from him.. she's not in view. There she is, with a triple? toe, I think. Sulej/Chruscinski round out this group.. in 15th place.. working on a death spiral. Siudek at the boards, who is not the coach of the Polish team, but of the British team. The Polish are coached by a Canadian. Yeah, it all makes sense to me.

Anais Morand and Antoine Dorsaz from Switzerland.. Once Upon a Time in America.. Plushenko 2001 free skate flashback.. throw triple loop, solid landing.. she has such a nice back in general.. split double twist with a hand over her head, side by side double Axels, he stepped out just like in warm-up and then steps into another, she landed hers again and he singled. So they both get credit for 2Axel/1Axel sequence and negative grade of execution. Spirals are nice from both of them, and they held the first positions for a long while. Throw triple Lutz.. she slipped on the take-off but still managed to rotate it and just two-foot the jump.. Lifts are very smooth and stretched but not much speed on any of them. Side by side double flips. Side by side spins stay in unison but they drifted pretty far apart as the spins went on. Pairs spin travels when they are spinning opposite from their natural direction.. everything is just a little too slow with them, still. She's happy, he looks happy. I just felt like the program didn't use very much of the ice surface and it isn't that they ran out of gas-- they just don't particularly skate fast. Morand says hi to all the skaters in the hotel, in English.

49.48/41.28 = 90.76.. 144.46 overall.. and obviously into first.

Stacey Kemp and David King from Great Britain.. His posture right off the bat is very clearly below average, her's a bit better.. split double twist with her hand flopping all over the place. Side by side double flips. Nice one handed dismount on their first lift, and it moved much faster than the previous team. Throw triple toe, she landed a bit forward but it was completely clean. Pairs spin travels at the end and was a bit slow throughout. Side by side spins.. they too are very far apart and she ends a revolution before he does. side by side double flips again and she goes down, he steps into a double toe that won't receive any credit. I feel like this team is crawling around the ice too. Somersault lift again has nice stretch and ice coverage. His posture is still driving me crazy. Throw triple loop.. almost a hand down but landed. He makes the lifts look easy, but his coach was known for the lifts himself so it shouldn't be a surprise. Not moved by the program but it had a few nice moments. Siudek is happy. Lifts like I said are the highlight.. They've been around long enough now that I assume they are just skating for their enjoyment rather than really trying to go anywhere. She's still falling on a double flip and they have no sign of individual double Axels or triples.. I can't do what they are able to do, but I just wonder what their goals are.

48.09/40.64 -1.00 = 87.73 132.87 overall. I think he just said oh well.

Maylin Hausch and Daniel Wende from Germany.. split double twist again somewhat crazy.. throw triple Salchow and she belly flops, didn't she do the same in the short? Side by side triple toe loops at complete different times and she squeaks hers out, back together for the double toe loops in sequence. Throw triple flip or lutz, you pick one.. hand down. Just really messy so far. Lifts look easy for him as well, nice coverage. Side by side double Salchows. They are moving fastest of the group so far. She wobbled a bit in the spirals but they are pretty decent. Side by side spins.. much closer together than the previous two.. and they kept  in unison throughout. After the rushing through the first few jump and high-risk elements, the program settled down and I thought it was pretty nice. Again Fafjr with the orange-rim glasses. Hausch puts her hands up as to say she couldn't do much more than what they did.

51.28/42.96 -1.00 = 93.24 = 142.98.. second to the Swiss team, first in the free skate.

Joanna Sulej and Mateusz Chruscinski from Poland.. Romeo and Juliet, the Nino Rota version. Side by side double Axel/double toe loops.. both completely them and in unison. Posture is average. Throw triple Salchow, she pitched forward but grabbed the ice with the toe pick and held on. Split double twist, pretty secure, although not very high. Throw double Lutz.. looked intentional. All the spiral sequences in the first group have been decent. On the lifts, he looks a bit insecure with his footing. Side by side spins, she really lost it on the upright position before the change of foot, and one of them traveled a bit too.. I'd assume her. Side by side double Lutzes. Again not really secure with the footing on lifts, but she has nice stretch and line. A really simple upright spin in the opposite direction to start the pairs combo spin, and then the rest of it slowed as it went in the right direction. Well, there have been a million programs to this music.. this version was just there.. a few nice moments but no feeling or listening to the music from them yet. Speed on the slow side throughout, but they were clean. The woman coach with them in the kiss and cry was one of Anna Rechnio's coaches.

49.32/40.80 = 90.12 total = 138.26.. into third.. seasons best, they are happy. No movement in the standings so far.


Anonymous said...

Tony, thanks a million for the live PBP. I love the commentary and you give actual GOE numbers instead of just saying I like this skater and hate that skater.

Thanks for taking up my suggestion. Your page loads so much faster and I don't have to scroll as much either!

Your blog rocks and I hope you keep it in the following season!

Tony said...

I actually dumped the GOEs for this first group of pairs. Maybe I will bring them back for the rest.. :-)