Wednesday, March 24

2010 World Championships - Pairs Long Program Group Two Live Blog

In this group: Evora/Ladwig-- side by side double toe loops, she does single Axel, James/Bonheur-- mock throw to get the rhythm down, throw triple Salchow fought to keep the free leg off the ice and was successful, Berton/Hotarek-- loud applause, that's a given.. side by side double Salchows, attempt at side by side triple Salchows.. she put her hand down, and Langlois/ Hay-- side by side double Salchows from them as well.. and then they go for the triples, he does his and she falls. Warm-up donezo.

Say hello to Ottavio Cinquanta.. as usual, they show him in the stands.

First up in the group, Amanda Evora and Mark Ladwig from the USA.. Rachmaninov Piano Concerto Number Two... and we get Carruthers commentary out of nowhere. Nice split triple twist and they kept the flow out of it. Side by side triple toes.. she landed a great one, he flipped out of his. Throw triple flip/Lutz, whichever.. she landed it, but it was low. Side by side spins done well, spirals are sturdy. Side by side double Axels.. she hard fall.. he did it and combined it with a half loop double Salchow I'm pretty sure, but it won't receive any credit. Lifts are somewhat cautious.. still cover a lot of ice and their speed is infinitely improved from the first group of skaters. Throw triple loop, great landing. Reverse overhead lift, he goes to one hand and back to two, lifts one foot up, excellent. The choreography of the program is great, and it is consistent throughout. Two big mistakes on the individual jump elements, but it should still score well. I think they are better than reflected in the components scores the international judges give them.

Score: 58.50/50.72 -1.00 = 108.22 Total = 165.96.. into first.

Vanessa James and Yannick Bonheur of France. Side by side triple Salchows.. she lands it, he falls out. Split triple twist, nice height but she almost fell backwards on the landing.. really rough. Her stretch can be a bit better through the lifts, but she does a lot of the blade grabbing which makes them look ugly anyways. Throw triple Salchow, nice landing. Side by side spins.. positions don't always match and relatively slow. Stayed in unison though. Kissing You soft section. Side by side double Axels. She almost ran into him after he couldn't quite control his landing so neither attempted the second jump of the sequence. Throw triple flip pitched forward and put both hands down. The middle section really was a nice piece of choreography. Now back to the fast faced ending with a nice lift. Not a disaster, but not great.

Score: 46.58/44.40 = 90.98 Total = 146.58.. second place. That'll probably drop them.

Stefania Berton and Ondrej Hotarek from Italy.. Notre Dame de Paris. John Zimmerman at the boards. Beautiful choreography to begin. Steps into side by side triple toe loops.. she leaned way back and fell, he combined with double toe. But again.. only credit for the first jump. Split double twist, not high but it was done. Side by side triple Salchows.. he did his, she was bent on the landing but held on. Lifts nice.. she has a really nice toe point and stretch. Side by side spins are slow and far apart but they kept the unison until the very end. Just realllly slow. Talk of the ugly position where the blade is held in the death spiral needing to be taken out. I agree. It doesn't look good on anyone. Nice spiral sequence although she's obviously the better of the two. Throw triple Salchow again a bit forward. Throw triple loop landed on two feet I think.. hard to tell from the view. Lifts are okay, combo pairs spin to end.. again could be faster, but they kept the flow. That wasn't bad at all. I think they definitely have a great future. Maybe a chance at 10th place..

Score: They look really happy with their effort. I would be too. 50.36/45.84 -1.00 = 95.20 Total = 149.78.. into second. At the worst, they end up 11th.

Anabelle Langlois and Cody Hay from Canada.. Clapping from the audience over their starting pose I guess? Nice split double twist to start. Side by side triple Salchows.. she puts her hand down and falls out, he landed it. Nice secure lift with a flip out on the landing. Small lift into throw triple Salchow.. landed low and put her free foot down. Side by side triple toes.. she fell hard and he stepped out. Not good. Side by side spins in unison but slow down by the end as well.. common characteristic so far. Pairs spin also slow. Throw triple Lutz.. she came out early and again put her foot down to save it. The program has some nice choreography and they are still trying to sell it after all the mistakes.. she has a permanent semi-smile on her face the entire time. Lifts are strong. Death spiral with the blade grabbed and even worse than that is when they come out of it and the girl still has her blade held up in a half-Biellmann type looking thing. It's never attractive. Anyways, not a good skate at all. Are they going on after this season? She's been around the top ten forever now.

Score: 50.44/50.88 -1.00 = 100.32.. 154.72 overall and ahead of the Italians. The crowd doesn't like that one bit. For as bad as they skated in this competition, they are sure lucky to be top 10.

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