Tuesday, March 23

2010 World Championships - Pairs Short Program Live Blog Coverage

Link to UniversalSports.com where American readers can also watch full coverage of the pairs short program!

Ice is being remade. Seats look more or less filled, definitely more in attendance than for the compulsory dance. We get some musical introduction. Random advertisements on the jumbo screen.. one sounded Russian to me.. now they are play "Fireflies" by Owl City in the arena as we await the first group. Now we get "Empire State of Mind" (uncensored version!) by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys again. The playlist might not be very long for this event..

By the way, I'm watching the video feed on a MacBook Pro and the picture quality is gorgeous, even when blown up to full screen. If you have the chance to watch the link I provided at the top, DO IT!

The music went down and changed to a new song that I can't recognize yet.. official start time is at 1:15 EST, so still about 10 minutes to go.

Some LOUD trumpeting music which I'd hope is the start of the pairs short program. Yup.. some montage on the big screen.. probably the same one they have used for a few years now.. set to Celine Dion music I'm pretty sure.

Oh, and we get a countdown on the screen starting at 26.. here we go. Introductions and we get a Eurovision ad, and now a montage of skating for the Torino 2010 World Championships.

The introduction of the officials: referee Fabio Bianchetti looking stylish in his glasses, technical panel: the technical controller: Charles Cyr; the technical specialist: Veronique Fleury; assistant technical specialist: Alexander Kuznetsov..

And now the judges: 1: Anna Chatziathanassiou.. I remember her from her competitive days! 2: Nikolai Ianev; 3: Sissy Krick; 4: Margaret Worsfold... gets a loud applause from someone; 5: Roger Glenn; 6: Yumin Wang; 7: Kadi Zvirik; 8: Vladislav Petukhov; 9: Igor Dolgushin

New post for the first warm-up group

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