Tuesday, March 23

2010 World Championships - Pairs Short Program Group Three Live Blog Commentary

Back after the Zamboni break with clips of the skaters waiting to take the ice. Mariusz Siudek spotted at the boards, he's here coaching Estonians Sergejeva and Glebov.

In this group are Bazarova/Larionov of Russia-- she's tiny. side by side spins in great unison. Some Shaggy? music playing in the background. That takes me back to oh.. middle school?! She tries triple toe and falls. Press lift from Kostenko/Talan of Ukraine.. he goes off camera as he sets up for an Axel attempt.. throw double Salchow from Slovakians Cermanova/Hanulak.. they get a nice ovation. again throw triple Salchow with a two-footed landing. Outlines of hand prints at the top right of their matching costumes. Sergejeva and Glebov.. throw triple loop and she falls. Over to Siudek for a chat. Glebov is the brother of Elena Glebova who competes in ladies later this week. Press lift with variation.. scratchy blades. Shoot the duck into back outside death spiral. Warm-up over.

First up in the group Vera Bazarova and Yuri Larionov from Russia. Coach Ludmila Kalinina looks nervous for them.

I liked this program in the Olympics. side by side triple toes.. they did them but she landed hers before he did his.. good for her though.. 0. split triple twist.. gorgeous and high.. +2. throw triple loop.. fought for it and nice landing.. +1. overhead with variations.. really nice lift.. +2. catchfoot by him into death spiral.. nice extension by her.. +1.. flying camel/sit/upright variation/change/sit/Y-spin.. good +1.. footwork mirrored throughout and then dance holds at the end.. nicely done +1.. combo spin.. camel/sit/change/camel her catchfoot.. sit spins/upright.. her another catchfoot..  nice positions +1. Nicely done and should easily be first. Maybe flirting with a score of 60? Their coach still doesn't change her facial expression. Now she smiles in the kiss and cry. They all look happy.

Score: 35.30/24.48 = 59.78.. seasons best and yep, flirting with that 60.

Ekaterina Kostenko and Roman Talan from Ukraine.. skating to Carmen. You know it's not an event until some skater or team uses this. It's noted that it is a modern arrangement.. ooh, intriguing..

side by side double Axels.. she singles and comes down on two feet... -3. steps into split double twist... 0. Too focused.. no height on throw triple flip.. two-footed.. -2. spirals into overhead... to one hand and her catchfoot.. slow and careful.. she had trouble getting the blade.. -1. flying camel/sit/Y-spin/change/sit/upright.. all over the place by her at the beginning and unison off at ending -1. footwork.. nothing special.. 0. back outside death spiral.. basic. 0. combo spin camels/upright to her Y/change/camels/sit/he upright she catchfoot. 0. They were okay with the elements but the basics are just average and they don't relate at all to the music yet... took a while to get into bowing positions. I can't tell if they are happy or not.

Score: 22.06/17.12 = 39.18.. into eighth place.

Gabriela Cermanova/Martin Hanulak. And I honestly did guess that their short program would be The Addams Family based on those outfits. I swear!

catchfoot death spiral.. 0. Basics are weak for both.. pumping during crossovers.. side by side double flips.. she steps out.. -2. split double twist.. rough entrance and exit -1.. throw triple Salchow.. fought for landing edge-- -1... flying camel/sit/upright/change/sit.. some good moments but ultimately off unison -1..  overhead with variation and flip-out landing.. 0. sit spins in combo spin in opposite direction/change/sit/upright.. something but in the beginning they felt out of the sit spins... -3. footwork.. not really matching the excitement or the speed of the music. 0. Long way to go.. they chose character driven music but were focusing too much on the elements to really interpret it and use it to their advantages.. basic skating can be much improved. Coaches look satisfied though.

Score: 18.70/16.48 = 35.18.. seasons best by 5 points.. into 10th.

Maria Sergejeva and Ilia Glebov from Estonia. Another shot of Siudek at the boards. Legend of 1900 which Zagorska/Siudek used back in the day.. Same cut it seems, too.

Decent basics and stretch. Split double twist.. 0. throw triple loop... +1. she's tall.. side by side double Axels not in unison but done.. she fought for it -1. shoot the duck into a death spiral... nicely done. +1. combo spin upright in the opposite direction/change/camel/sit with blade held/change with a slip/upright Y-spin from her... -1. overhead left.. for having the coach they do it's not great.. and then it comes down early.. -3. flying camel/sit/upright way off unison/change/sit/catchfoot.. -2. footwork.. camera focuses on her feet. into mirror.. +1. Weird ending.. kinda just happens. The error on the lift and then the way off side by side spins just killed the otherwise good program. Out of all things to mess up with the coach they have.. ironic.

Score: 22.90/19.04 = 41.94.. in 5th place. 6 points below their seasons best. Not thrilled.


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