Tuesday, March 23

2010 World Championships - Pairs Short Program Group One Live Blog Coverage

Skaters in this first of seven groups are Crenshaw/Tsagris from Greece -- information about the competitors only given in Italian it seems, side by sides 2flips from them and a throw single flip, Montalbano/Krasnopolski from Israel, land a nice throw triple Salchow as they are introduced, single twist, Sulindro-Yang/Sunyoto-Yang from Taiwan-- throw something as I was typing this, another throw triple Salchow, which was probably what they did the first time;  Sulej/Chruscinski from Poland.. coach Richard Gauthier from Canada at the boards.. split double twist. Warm-up over.

First to skate, from Greece, Jessica Crenshaw and Chad Tsagris.. coached by Isabelle Brasseur and Rocky Marval.. music called Lai Lai Lai.

Spanish-sounding. She split spiral into a death spiral +1, Audience cheers. side by side double flips, 0 GOE, side by side spins: flying camel to sit to upright change sit to upright... slow and not in unison, he traveled on the change-foot. -2, split double twist.. not much height 0. right into throw triple flip leaned way back and fell -3, music picking up.. stroking isn't great for either skater.. overhead lift.. to one hand and she grabs her blade.. 0. straight line footwork.. they are showing her and she may have had a slight stumble.. but in any event the music is faster than them.. -1. pairs combo spin.. sit/upright/change/camels with her blade held.. slow.. and nothing special.. -1

Score: 24.84/16.52 -1.00 = 40.36 seasons best.

Next, Danielle Montalbano/Evgeny Krasnopolski of Israel. I picked some music for this teams short program for next year, hope they choose it!

throw triple Salchow hand down and she stepped out -2.. split double twist.. not high at all and she landed as he caught her.. -2.. side by side double Axels... off unison and she steps out.. -2.. overhead lift was nice.. 0. camel/sit/upright/change/sit.. basic but pretty much in unison.. 0. straight line footwork... again pretty basic.. 0. slowing down... spiral into death spiral.. that was okay.. 0. combo spin camel/variation/change/camel/him sit she haf Biellmann and she fell -3. Silly mistake at the end. The rest wasn't too bad. They discuss it before the bows.. and look pretty happy. Galit Chait is one of their coaches.. she looks happy too.

Score: 18.74/14.28 -1.00 = 32.02 for second.

Amando Sunyoto-Yang/Darryll Sulindro-Yang of Taiwan. Piano music..

side by side double axels.. she HARD fall -3 too wound up on the landing.. split triple twist went a little crooked but they pulled it off with a collison.. -1. throw triple Salchow.. landed.. she might have brushed her free foot... -1. death spiral where she grabs her blade +1... side by side camel/sit/upright/change/sit/upright... lots of problems on unison.. -2. straightline footwork with mirror skating in the middle.. not bad +1. overhead lift... slow to get into it and not much movement.. but it was done alright. -1. pair spin camel/upright she grabbing the blade/change/camels/low camels/upright with her in a half Biellmann... slow but done. 0. In the replays they jut look happy to be there as they go through all of the elements.

Score: 25.84/16.44 -1.00 = 41.28 and into first.

Joanna Sulej and Mateusz Chruscinski from Poland. Scent of a Woman.

She has weak skating skills right off the bat but they are fast. side by side double Axels she steps out, he lands it - 2. split double twist hands over head.. nothing special. 0.. throw triple Salchow nice +1.. side by side spins camel/sit/upright/change/sit.. 0. overhead lift.. she changes position and grabs the blade.. that was nice and flowed.. +1. death spiral... 0. straight line footwork with mirror skating.. kinda lost the energy near the end 0... pairs spin opposite direction upright SLOW/change/camel in the right direction/change/sit/upright with she in a Y-spin. 0. He's stronger of the two but they aren't bad.

Score: 29.34/18.80 = 48.14 into first easily.

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You said you chose music for the Israeli team's short program for next year? I'm curious to hear what your ideas are! I have some myself :-D