Tuesday, March 23

2010 World Championships - Pairs Short Program Group Two Live Blog Coverage

In this group.. Hausch/Wende from Germany.. choreography into overhead lift.. kinda got "stuck" on the dismount.. more choreography into the same lift.. better dismount this time. Berton/Hotarek from Italy.. throw double Salchow.. throw triple Salchow pitched forward.. Bakirova/Kamianchuk of Belarus.. he almost crashed into Hausch on side by side double Axels... reset and landed them nicely. Dust in the Wind by Kansas plays in the background. throw triple Salchow and she can't get the free leg back and steps out. Ivanova/Zalevski.. throw double Salchow.. I think it was a double at least. He looks like a bigger guy for skating.. a la Stanislav Morozov.. working on side by side spins at different times.. weird.

Maylin Hausch and Daniel Wende from Germany.. skating to Black Machine and move the Big Band

She was recently injured in practice so good for her for being able to compete.. Jazzy choreography to begin.. big band with a beat.. side by side triple toes.. a little off unison but done 0. split double twist was done well +1. right into throw triple Salchow.. off balance from the beginning and she fell -3.  trouble getting up... overhead.. she grabs the blade.. one handed dismount.. 0. straight line footwork.. or kinda straight line but not really.. into mirror pattern... +1. flying camel/sit/upright Y/ change/sit broken leg... on unison but slow.. 0. Yspiral into death spiral... grabbed blade... +1. combi spin.. he sit she half  Biellmann.. upright into her catchfoot/change/donut camels to low camels... slow again.. 0. Not bad.

Scores: 30.30/20.44 -1.00 = 49.74 .. first for now. Coach has orange rimmed glasses on. He's probably 60something.

John Zimmerman at the stands for Stefania Berton and Ondrej Hotarek of Italy. He's been busy.. just finishing Thin Ice. Skating to Caos Calmo..

side by side triple toes with nice footwork into them, really nice! +1. throw triple loop actually, low but she did it well +1. Nice music.. she's happy.. split double twist... 0. spirals into overhead to one hand and she grabs blade.. one had dismount.. +1. back spirals to death spiral were her blade held... +1. right into combo spin camels/change/upright her catchfoot layback/camels/sit spins... actually really nice.. +1 and right on the music. side by side spins camel/sit/upright/change/sit variation/upright.. on unison.. but slowish.. +1. straight line footwork.. crowd clapping and getting into it. They are having fun.. nice footwork +!. THAT WAS GREAT. Seriously.. very well done. Standing ovation from some in the crowd.

Score: 32.94/21.64 = 54.58 into first place and thrilled. Components could have been higher from the judges in my opinion.

Bakirova and Kamianchuk from Belarus. Polovetsian Dances.

split double twist.. 0. side by side double Axels.. did them! 0. She looks like female Zaretski.. throw triple salchow pitched forward and hand down -1. Their basics aren't bad and theyu have speed. overhead with interesting entrance press lift.. didn't move much when it was up in the air though. 0. flying camel/sit/upright/change/sit/Y-spins.. way off at the end but the first half was good -1. straightline footwork.. it was okay. 0. both catchfoots into her death spiral catchfoot.. +1. combo spin.. camels/sit her catchfoot/change/upright her Yspin/change/low camels/her half Biellmann.. not bad. 0. I liked them better than I thought I was going to based on the warm-up. Not a bad effort at all.

Score: 25.32/16.12 = 41.44 into fourth. I thought they were better.

Bulgarians Nina Ivanova/Filip Zalevski.. Nyah.

Yeah, he's heavyish. side by side triple Salchows.. she doubled and lost it in the air.. stepped out.. -3. steps into double twist. 0. throw triple salchow not really held but landed.. -1. no speed into it. Overhead press lift... she grabs the blade and one hand exit.. that's getting familiar +1. flying camel/sit/upright/change/sit way off and far apart.. -2.. straight line footwork with the camera on their feet... 0 from what I could see. No feeling to the music. basic death spiral. 0. into opposite direction camels/change/rough into right direction sit spin/change/camels/he upright/she grabs the leg.. -1. Eh.

Score: 21.40/15.44 = 36.84.. seventh out of eight. She doesn't look happy.

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