Tuesday, March 23

2010 World Championships - Pairs Short Program Group Four Live Blog Commentary

Closer by Ne-Yo starts.. In this group... James/Bonheur of France... flying around the rink already.. spirals to warm up and stretch. split double twist.. nice and high.. he does a double toe.. camera out of view for what she did. Morand/Dorsaz from Switzerland.. cowbells for their introduction.. throw double loop.. and again with a nice throw triple loop. Denney/Barrett of the USA.. throw triple flip I think?.. nice. Again with the red highlights at the bottom of her hair to match the outfit. Very Irina Lobacheva 2001 original dance of her.. split triple twist.. My Shazam on my phone picked up the song playing.. Allein Allein (Heller and Nephew) by Polarkreis 18. Or maybe that's the CD name.. dunno. But Shazam works so well.. there's my promoting them!

First up, Vanessa James and Yannick Bonheur from France. Loud applause from the crowd. Skating to Santa Maria by Gotan Project.

They are sharp and intense and it starts with the very first moves. side by side triple Salchows nicely done! +1.. when she strokes backwards her arm is placed weird, like it's broken!... split triple twist.. 0. throw triple Salchow again done nicely.. +1.. flying camel/sit/grab leg/change/sit with blade held.. nice unison.. okay speed. +1. Press lift with nice flip up entry.. nice +1. death spiral back outside.. he changes hands.. +1. Change music.. Jamal Othman has used this in the past, I forget the title. Footwork and the crowd is getting into it. +1. combo spin camel/upright her Y slowssss/change/sit her variation/upright ... -1. Still, nicely done. Their intensity draws you into watching them, and they skated well. I think I'd have the Italians in front of them.. so third from me but I suspect they will be second. Killa by Cherish plays. I hope you enjoy my vast music knowledge I display. ;-) just kidding.

Score: 32.28/23.32 = 55.60 seasons best and yes they go in front of the Italians. They did skate with more speed.

Anais Morand and Anton Dorsaz from Switzerland with Ingo Steuer as their coach. Bohemian Rhapsody.

Throw triple loop.. she fought for it and got it... 0. Nice backs and posture from both... press lift her in split to one hand and her catchfoot.. nicely done. +1. Split double twist kinda blah but done.. -1. side by side double Axels.. he fought.. 0. flying camel/sit/y-spin/upright/change/sit/y-spin-ish.. +1. combo spin.. low sits in opposite direction/change/camel/sit/upright with her upside down y... +1. footwork.. slow but it goes to the music.. 0. he in a Y spiral into death spiral with her catchfoot.. again nice. Nice job. They fought through it and it was all pretty nice. They carry themselves so well, although the speed could be improved. So What by Pink plays. That split twist really needs work.. she was all over on it. They look very happy with that effort.

Score: 31.94/21.76 = 53.70.. into 4th place actually. I thought they scored higher than 49 at the Olympics. Oops. Still not bad.

Caydee Denney and Jeremy Barrett of the USA.. Firebird as the music and the already mentioned traces of red in her hair.

split triple twist flowed and had okay height.. +1. side by side triple toes.. right on.. +2.. they were that good. Posture can be better.. throw triple flip or lutz.. whichever one it is... again really well done.. +2. death spiral... +1. flying camel/upright/variation/change/sit/y-spin... RIGHT on... and kept the speed +2.. overhead press lift... to one hand and one hand dismount.. +1. They are attacking. footwork.. decent.. +1. combo spin.. sit/he still sit she catchfoot/change/camel she catchfoot/upright she Y-spin.. +1. That was extremely well done. I'm not a huge huge fan of them but those two jump elements and the side by spins were very, very good and I think definitely deserved the +2's. This could be a big score.. even if they can do a lot with their basics and the frantic-ness that they sometimes have. I had all of their elements in the +. Wow. Coach says whatever it was, great performance.

Score: 35.72/24.80 = 60.52 and Jim Peterson is beside himself in excitement. Well deserved.

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