Tuesday, March 23

2010 World Championships - Pairs Short Program Group Seven Live Blog Coverage

Before group seven starts, Universal Sports is re-showing Bazarova and Larionov and talking about the rebuilding process for Russia in general with their winter sports leading up to Sochi in 2014. Denney and Barrett also shown again.. no additional comments from me on that.

Group seven.. the final group.. begins.. Kavaguti/Smirnov from Russia.. beginning choreography of their short program.. skate through side by side jumps.. continue on with the choreography.. skate through the twist.. Mukhortova/Trankov from Russia as well... double toe from her.. he has a chin strap now.. another double toe from her.. Pang/Tong from China.. side by side double toes.. back to another commercial. Dube/Davison from Canada round out the short program.

First up in the final group.. Yuko Kavaguti and Alexander Smirnov from Russia.. Carruthers and Joyce laugh about coach Tamara Moskvina barely being able to see over the boards.

The Swan.. and fast fright from the beginning. Side by side triple toes.. nicely done.. +1.. their posture and stroking are typical Moskvina.. split triple twist.. wild landing -1.. carry into throw triple loop.. muscled out but low landing... 0.. everything looking rough.. overhead lift with great ice coverage and nice twist out.. +2.. change to opera part of the music.. footwork with a lot of hand holding through the second half.. nicely done +1.. shoot the ducks into death spiral with change of hands.. slows down.. +1.. flying camel/catchfoot/upright/change/y spin.. good but slow.. +1.. combo spin camels with her catchfoot/sit/change/camels/low camel variation.. slow-ish again but nice.. +1.. they were okay.. the spin elements died down in speed and it really didn't command attention like it could. Too hit or miss.

Score: 39.68/33.44 = 73.12.. Into first. They look indifferent, I don't think they know they are in first. Kavaguti looks downright pissed. I really don't get her personality.. it annoys me.

Maria Mukhortova and Maxim Trankov from Russia.. Appassionata by Secret Garden..

And they really get the speed going right away.. nice high split triple twist.. +2.. right into side by side triple toes.. hers may have been cheated but they landed them (if its called a double the score obviously will go way down).. 0.. throw triple loop.. nicely done.. +1.. y spiral into death spiral.. change hand and he looks awkward.. +1.. flying camel/sit/upright both with variation/change/sit/y spin.. in unison and well done.. +1.. lift.. lots of changes of position and flip out.. +2.. she looks happy for once.. footwork.. it was nice but nothing too difficult.. +1.. combo spin sit she catchfoot to upright in opposite direction/sit with cool variations to upright and in a donut-type position.. lots going on.. well done +2. His posture and the way he hunches forward isn't always great but they just topped their teammates in my opinion.. I hope the judges go for it. Interesting to see her side by side triple toe again and whether it was rotated..

Score: 37.72/31.76 = 69.47 crowd boos and Maxim is shaking his head.. into third and he probably doesn't like that his teammates are 4 points ahead after their clean skate.

Qing Pang and Jian Tong from China..

Loved this program in the Olympics and thought they were a bit undermarked.. Such a difference in the way they feel the music compared to their teammates that skated earlier.. spread eagles into steps into side by side triple toes.. not perfect unison but both nice.. +1.. basics have improved so much.. split triple twist excellent.. +2.. throw triple loop typically great.. +2.. death spiral.. +1.. flying camel/sit/y spin/change/sit/upright.. right on unison but slows down.. +1.. press lift with plenty of ice coverage but like Zhangs she can have better extension.. +1.. footwork.. Carruthers mentions the emotion just as I was going to type it.. footwork was decent.. +1.. combo spin.. camel/low camel variation/change to spin in the right direction.. slowed down again but it was good +1.. again ending might have gone over the time limit.. they received the deduction in Vancouver, we will see about here.. hopefully in front of the Russians.

Score: 41.28/34.00 = 75.28.. personal best was 71.50.. well, compared to how Kavaguti and Smirnov skated they deserved even higher but I think both teams were a bit overscored.

Jessica Dube and Bryce Davison from Canada.. Requiem for a Dream

Hopefully a better skate than the Olympics. I thought they really got lucky there, as did many others. She's not even close on the side by side triple Salchow, might be downgraded.. -3.. split triple twist... just okay.. 0.. overhead lift has good distance and decent positions but his feet are so scratchy.. 0 (I know it'll score higher).. trip into combo spin camel/upright/change/sit/she in catchfoot/change to regular direction sit/upright she layback.. +1.. throw triple loop slow to get her free leg out.. 0.. y spiral to death spiral.. hand close to the ice.. +1.. straight line footwork and no emotion out of her.. he tries to sell it a bit again.. +1.. flying camel/sit/upright/change/sit/upright.. off at the end completely.. 0. Too bad because they start off so strong on those. Carruthers says mismatched throughout the program and unison problems... I really hope they aren't held up again, the program does nothing for them. Coach Annie Barabe may have said shit in the replay to the triple Salchow fall.

Score: 31.76/28.60 -1.00 = 59.36.. into 8th place. Fair judging, amazing. I don't know if they will make it into next season together honestly.

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jumping clapping man said...

yeah, kavaguti always seems to be playing a character, and a temperamental one at that.

agreed about dubé/davison...perhaps volosozhar and davison should skate together next season...they'd be on the podium! jk, of course.

Tony said...

I just don't get her.. that's the only way I can put it.

And as far as Volosozhar and Davison go.. I think Tatiana is much stronger than Bryce. I don't know whether Jessica's body type is too much for Bryce to lift but he has THE sloppiest feet in the field when it comes to the lifts and neither Jessica or Bryce really move fluidly in my opinion. They needed a coaching change a long time ago and were lucky to have such a well-choreographed free skate in 2007-08. I don't know whether they still have bitter feelings towards their relationship not working out and she dating Scott Moir, but it's time to get over all of that and act like you enjoy performing as a pair. Then again.. maybe it's past that time. They look like they don't even care.

Anonymous said...

IMO it looks like it's Jess who does not care. At least Bryce looks like he's trying and he actually hits the SBS jumps most of the time - unlike her.

If Bryce wants to keep skating, he needs a new partner stat.