Tuesday, March 23

2010 World Championships - Pairs Short Program Group Six Live Blog Coverage

No warm-up details unless Universal Sports wants to come back from their breaks and show skating rather than blacking out the feed during the actual television airing.. in this group are Savchenko/Szolkowy of Germany, Kemp/King of Great Britain, and Zhang/Zhang of China..

ATandT fanfare text poll question.. who will win the pairs competition? Choices are Dube/Davison, Savchenko/Szolkowy, Kavaguti/Smirnov, or Pang/Tong.. results later. Oh how intriguing it would be for me to text.

Okay, back with Kemp/King warm-up.. nice lift with one hand dismount.. Joyce says they are in a bit of a rough group with the other two pairs... Carruthers says that he thinks the Germans will win... but Zhang/Zhang are really solid athletically, but nothing comes together for them at the right time. That sounds about right.. Won silver medal at Worlds last two years behind the Germans.. he thinks it may happen a third time.. I don't.. Talk of the throw quad Salchow fall from 2006 Olympics in the same arena.. Warm-up over. No chemistry or music choice he feels is the reason they dropped to 5th in Vancouver..

Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy from Germany.. Send in the Clowns if you don't know by now.. and it happens to be my favorite pairs short of the season.. :-) Ingo Steuer looks intense as they start.

His costume features a stoplight of colors on the front.. throw triple flip.. huge and great landing.. +2.. side by side triple toes.. he doubled.. -3.. and no mention from the commentators.. hmm?.. spread eagles into split triple twist.. nice.. +1.. nice transitions throughout this program... flying camel/sit/upright/change/sit off unison/upright +1.. combo spin camels/she catchfoot he sit... change he upright she upside down y.. reverse sit variations.. kept the speed and all nice positions.. +2.. catchfoot death spiral.. +1.. footwork mirrored in the beginning.. lots of edgework and change of direction.. +2.. press lift one hand her catchfoot.. twist out.. slow +1.. Carruthers says they didn't sell it and now he mentions the double that Szolokowy did. It was pretty flat..

Score: 36.12/33.40 = 69.52.. into first for now. Not very happy is right.

Stacey Kemp and David King of Great Britain.. just 21 and 25.. seems they've also been around a long time..

split double twist.. okay.. 0.. side by side double flips.. 0.. Linkin Park music.. throw triple loop.. fall -3.. they might not qualify now.. footwork.. carefully done in the middle but it was nice +1.. combo sit/y-spin/change/camel/sit/y spin from her.. 0.. side by side flying camel/sit/upright/change/sit broken leg/upright.. off unison and far apart.. -1.. spiral into press lift.. change and one hand.. +1.. catchfoot death spiral +1.. no side by side triples or at least double Axels still and she has a weak flying camel position.. just not improving enough (or at all) to ever move up. They were really lucky to end up in the final two groups but their weaknesses just stand out that much more by doing so. Music didn't do much for them, either, even if it was "nice".

Score: 24.78/21.36 -1.00 = 45.14.. oops, they do qualify in 16th and last position into the free skate..

Dan Zhang/Hao Zhang from China.. Piano Fantasy by William Joseph..

Haircut for her, it looks good.. split triple twist.. amazing as always +2.. throw triple loop.. forward on the landing but nice height.. +1.. side by side triple Salchows great.. +2.. combo spin.. sit/change direction/camels with she in catchfoot/sit spin/upside down Y.. +2 surprisingly nice.. no relation to the music really, though.. overhead lift... flip out on the landing...she can still stretch more.. +1.. flying camel/sit/y spin/upright/change/sit/upright.. in unison but slow.. +1.. footwork.. good but not done with much intensity for the great skate they have had so far.. killing the buzz almost.. +1.. catchfoot death spiral.. decent.. +1.. still after all these years they don't really emote or have any expression to the music. It'll go into first but I wish the program components would reflect their lack of artistic quality.. Carruthers says Hao Zhang lumbered around.. it's nice music but they do nothing with it. Sigh.

Score: 38.88/30.32 = 69.20.. and it actually is second best. Interesting. They still have high components for what they put out there..

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