Tuesday, March 23

2010 World Championships - Pairs Short Program Group Five Live Blog Coverage

Continuing on after the ice resurfacing with Dong/Wu of China, Evora/Ladwig of the USA, and Langlois/Hay of China. Dong/Wu.. forwards crossovers in a circle into spirals.. Bin Yao as usual at the boards with the team.. She looks like she could be Japanese ladies skater Akiko Suzuki's sister. Nice basics... throw double twist with good height and run-out.. throw single loop as a warm-up.. throw triple loop with a crash into the splits on the landing.. looks like it hurt. Evora and Ladwig-- I think both did side by side triple toes as they were being introduced.. throw triple loop and she kinda got stuck on the edge on the landing.. Langlois and Hay.. nice split double twist.. Lee Barkell at the boards with them.. he said very good to that twist.. footwork from Langlois while Hay strokes into a single toe. Warm-up over.

Huibo Dong/Yiming Wu... Andrea Joyce jumps in for live Universal Sports coverage.. now we'll have commentary. Amazonic by Maksim Mrvica as used by Johnny Weir in the past.

Split triple twist... +1.. side by side triple toe loops he doubled and she landed it.. -3. Peter Carruthers mentions 2008 world junior bronze medals in their collection.. throw triple loop falls out.. -3. press lift into variations one hand to dismount and rough on the landing... -1. basic death spiral.. change hand.. 0.. flying camel/change edge/sit/y-spin/change/sit/upright.. came to a crawl and off unison.. -1. footwork.. pretty simple and carefully done.. 0.. slow into y spin/him upright/change/camel/sit/upright she catchfoot... crawled through that too.. -1.. might be lucky to qualify to the free skate honestly. Their basics are okay but problems with many of the elements. Not happy in the kiss and cry.

Score: 23.56/19.52 = 43.08.. into eighth and they might not qualify.

Amanda Evora and Mark Ladwig from the USA.. skating to Love Actually.

I like this program.. nice speed into split triple twist... +1.. gentle choreography into side by side triple toe  loops... both fought but they did them in great unison.. +1.. throw triple loop.. low to the ice but she did it.. 0.. camel/sit/y-spin/change/sit +1.. he traveled just a bit.. now starting to show personality.. footwork..  the first ones to do it in a circle.. +1.. their basics are both strong... press lift.. nice coverage and position.. +2.. y spiral into death spiral.. change hand and a hop out.. +2.. combo spin sit/upright she biellmann/camels/upright.. nice job +1.. should probably challenge Denney and Barrett for first place... D/B slightly better on the elements but Evora and Ladwig should be stronger on the components.

Score: 32.74/25.00 = 57.74... into third.. seasons best says 50... I guess the Olympics scores don't count..

Anabelle Langlois and Cody Hay of Canada.. Fascination..

They start far apart.. smiles to each other.. side by side triple toe loops.. did them.. she landed first.. 0.. split triple twist... a collision on the landing and awkward.. -1 .. throw triple lutz belly flop.. -3.. death spiral with change hand... +1.. flying camel/sit/y-spin/change/broken leg sit/upright.. +1.. nice but slow-ish.. footwork.. also in a circular pattern.. from all straight lines to two circulars in a row.. nicely done.. simplistic.. +1.. press lift she in a sideways catchfoot.. +1.. camel/upright/change/sit she catchfoot into upright still holding the blade.. +1.. skated slow throughout and the fall on the throw took the air out of the program.. it was definitely better in Vancouver..

Score: 30.52/24.88 -1.00 = 54.40 into sixth place. Yikes.

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