Wednesday, March 31

2010 Worlds - My Ladies Short Programs Scores

52 ladies short programs-- done scoring. The only lady I haven't scored yet is Tugba Karademir, as the Universal Sports video I was watching cut away while she skated to preview the ladies in the top groups. I'll eventually add her in after I see her on YouTube or somewhere else, but everyone elses scores can be found here:

Ladies Short Program Spreadsheet

So who was robbed in my opinion? I don't think Rachael Flatt received any favors, and the same thing for Alena Leonova.. I would have had them both a bit higher in the components. Lower on down the ranks, I would have had Tamar Katz and Fleur Maxwell both qualifying to the free skate, in 18th and 23rd places, compared to the 27th and 33rd they actually received. I had Manouk Gijsman, who finished the day in 24th place, quite a bit higher in 19th. She and Cheltzie Lee were the only two skaters from the earlier session who qualified to the free skate.

Overmarked? I would have had Yan Liu and Anastasia Gimazetdinova a bit lower. The two skaters that actually did qualify that wouldn't have qualified on my score card were Sonia Lafuente (21st) and especially Min-Jung Kwak (23rd), the latter being the most overmarked of the day in my opinion. I had them in 26th and 31st*.

*- Again, without having scored Karademir, who was 28th place according to the judges.

A big surprise for me is how high I had Rachael Flatt ranked. I'm not a huge fan, but I think this particular program of hers is 1000 times better than anything else she's ever skated, and she really related to the music very well. As far as Nagasu vs. Asada-- obviously you can see from the way I even scored it, that a downgrade on a triple toe is obviously less costly than a downgrade on a triple Axel. Nagasu also had the best spins of the night and really had a great performance. All-in-all though, I don't think the judging was too terrible. I had the same exact skaters in the top 10 that the judges had, with some slight changes of position. Carolina Kostner's levels and grades of execution puzzled me-- she was the only lady to receive a level four footwork sequence, and very, very good grade of execution on top of that. Home country effect with the GOE's after she doubled the loop, to make sure she still was in contention? Maybe. I had her 6th.

Okay, share your thoughts, questions, or hate mail. I'm ready! :-)

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