Wednesday, March 24 Are you serious?or kidding?id Asada Asada cheat her toe loop,then What about Yuna Kim?She also cheat some jumps.Are you blind?

I have pretty decent vision, so no I'm not blind... Kim's cheat is a slight one on the landing of the toe loop, I don't think it's ever enough to downgrade her from what I see.. but that's just me. Asada on the other hand turns on the ice before she even gets into the air on her toe loops. Almost like what they call a "toe-Axel" but not as extremely obvious as that would be.

Then again, I don't know why I answer these questions because I know what this is going to turn into. Neither Kim or Asada are my favorite skater-- by far.


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Tony, bots are swarming all over the blogosphere now.
They just are not satisfied with Message Boards and Youtube.

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