Wednesday, March 17

Around the Net- Articles for March 17

Thin Ice competition preview from Tulsa World. Nothing we haven't heard already, except maybe that one team is using "Hot and Cold" by Katy Perry, but
This will be the first time, other than exhibitions and pro tours like "Stars on Ice," since the 1980s when professional skaters are allowed to compete against each other, according to executive director Terry O'Neil. 
Huh? Don't lie out loud, Terry! There was every possible form of pro competition for many years, especially throughout the mid-90s and into the early 2000s.

2010 Skating With the Stars in Harlem scheduled for April 5th. A chance to skate in Central Park's Wollman Rink with Kristi Yamaguchi, Jeremy Abbott, Sasha Cohen, and others. Tickets start at just $300!

Ready to take on the world - The Abington Journal talks to World Championship-bound skater Adam Rippon.

Winning Americans from The Bridge at Texas A&M, which incorrectly identifies Evan Lysacek as "the first American to win gold for Men's Figure Skating." Oops. The writer probably wasn't born when the last gold medalist, Brian Boitano, won in 1988. Don't get too excited-- that's the only mentioning of skating.

Abbott adjusts attitude for worlds in Torino - from Interview with US Champion Jeremy Abbott as he prepares to leave for Worlds and also his plans for after the event.

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