Friday, March 19

Around the Net - Articles & News for March 19

I missed the whole mornings-worth of news due to my "real" job, but really the only thing I seemed to have missed is that current Olympic silver medalist Evgeny Plushenko withdrew from the World Championships citing "injury". Maybe he has one, maybe he doesn't. I don't know. Maybe he wants to spend the next four years working on programs with plenty of transitions and three-jump combinations so that he will easily win the Olympics in 2014! If you want to read more about it yourself, go here.

PS- Sergei Voronov replaces Plushenko. Vornov is the skater who had a terrible result at the European Championships and had his Olympic Games spot given to Artem Borodulin. Updated mens starting-group info.

Honestly, nothing else seems that exciting or note-worthy from the articles I am reading. Another pair (Hecht/Trefil from Hungary) withdrew from the World Championships with no replacement, so that switches things up a bit with the pairs starting groups. Check that out here.

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