Sunday, March 28

Back to Real Life

Well, the season is basically over besides a few smaller internationals, so I was wondering what you would like to see on the site over the summer? I'm working on completing my own judging of the events in Torino, and I will put up spreadsheets for all of you to see my scores-- if that kind of thing interests you. Also along with that, I'm going to write a little synopsis of why I think the judges score the components how they do, and what needs to be changed with the system to really balance the technical and artistic sides.

Please comment on this post or send me an e-mail and let me know what else you want to see-- memories from past events? More WTF judging moments? What else could I add to the site? And of course, news about next seasons programs and retirements during the summer will all end up here as they become available!


stevenrocks said...

memories from past events :)

Tony said...

Will do. I was a huge nerd about skating from 1999-2004 or so.. so expect a lot from that era :-)

Anonymous said...

Interested in your own plus-points on five program components.
Looking forward to your spreadsheets up.

Anonymous said...

"Looking forward to your spreadsheets up@.
I approve !!!

Tony, Many thanks (from Russia)!

Tony said...

I'm about half-way through the ladies short program. I should be able to finish today because I already have most of the GOE's assigned from when I live blogged the second half. I also have 15 mens free skates done. I'm off to work for now but later on, I'll put up what I have so you have something to look at :-)