Saturday, March 27 besides the olympics and worlds, where would you rank the other competitions in terms of importance?

Hmm. Interesting question. I think that the Grand Prix series is really hit or miss depending on which skaters actually compete. Usually all the singles skaters and pairs teams do, but there always seems to be a dance team or two that doesn't showcase their stuff internationally until Europeans. So, I'd say after the Olympics/Worlds comes Europeans, the Grand Prix Final, Four Continents (which has the potential to honestly be amazing, and it's getting there but not quite yet), the Grand Prix events, and then all the other minor international competitions. National Championships are important but let's be honest, the way the judges score in most countries makes it somewhat obvious that they already have their teams for the internationals picked out, so I don't always take them so serious. (100 point Plushenko short program, anyone? :-) )


Anonymous said...

Wow so many question today.
You're getting much notice, for sure.
Congratulations, Tony. You're doing good job. ;-)

Tony said...

Thank you :-)