Saturday, March 20

Chinese Pairs Debacle from Junior Worlds Corrected

Who knows how I missed this yesterday-- the ISU has finally done something about their mistake of letting three Chinese pair teams compete at the World Junior Championships after the country only earned two spots.

If you go to the official final results, you can see the corrected standings plus this note that the ISU has left at the bottom regarding the change:
Note: Due to a wrong entry the pair - Xiaoyu Yu / Yang Jin - from China, placed originally 8th in the final result, had to be deleted. In the corrected versions of each result of segment and Final each of the lower placed couples will move up accordingly. Due to the deletion of the pair Xiaoyu Yu / Yang Jin from China, which was originally qualified for the final Free Skating, only 15 pairs will be listed for the final result as having skated the Free Program. 
This has no change on the amount of teams that each country has earned for next years Championship, but I'm still curious if the prize money was switched around, especially for the Estonian couple who technically now finished in 16th place.

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