Sunday, March 28 Could you briefly explain how the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating works? There are 6 events [ie: Skate Canada International], and a final, right? How do the points add up, and how many events do the skaters need to compete in? Thanks!

6 events, in USA, Canada, France, Russia, China, and Japan. The order of the events changes every year. That is something that started this season, as it used to be the same order every year. In every event, the scoring system is 15-13-11-9-7- 5-4-3, which is the top 8 skaters, except in pairs where it stops at 5 points (6th place) because there are only 8 entries maximum to begin with. Max 10 in dance and max 12 in singles compete. The top skaters in the world rankings/seasons best scores get 2 events, and then the rest is up to how the spots fall. The top 6-scoring skaters and teams in each discipline make the Final. Tie-breaks in total points are broken based on set criteria, the first being the higher-placing skater wins the tie-break. Example, someone who finishes 1st and 3rd will beat someone who has two 2nd place finishes. If the skaters have the same results, I believe it comes down to total overall points from the two events, and then so on.

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