Wednesday, March 10

Did the ISU Screw Up RE: Chinese Pairs Entries for World Juniors?

As per rule 378.2c, China should have only had two pairs entries in the 2010 World Junior Figure Skating Championships. In the 2009 championship, the Chinese teams placed 8th and 11th, totaling 19 points. A point total of 13 or less is required to enter three pairs into the competition. ISU-- explain? Or am I missing some modification to the rule in a later document?

This reminds me of the speculation before the 2005 World Championships that Viktoria Volchkova was going to be Russia's third entry in the ladies event, even though the country only earned two spots from the previous Worlds, and the reasoning was that Russia (who happened to be the host country) had found some loophole in the rules to allow it to happen. That scenario ended up being completely fictitious, but it actually happened this time!

EDIT 6:15PM: Communication No. 1565 Rule 3c also states that China was entitled to two entries in the pairs competition. Japan earned two spots this year and only used one, and Switzerland used neither of their two earned entries, but never before has a country with one or two entrants been given an additional spot on the basis that other countries were not sending their maximum allotted entries.


FayeKismet said...

It is really confucious that China has sended 3 pairs. But I think it doesn't matter for China to send one more pair now that other countries cannot serve the maximum entrants. And the result(1st, 6th, 8th) also shows that the Chinese performance deserves the qualifications for participating in the World Juniors, doesn't it?

Tony said...

It has never happened before, and I'm just not understanding why it was allowed to happen now. Yes, all three pairs did well, but the pairs field was big here-- 21 entries! It wasn't like they were hurting to fill up the roster or anything this year. There's many instances where countries don't send full teams.

This is like saying that since Georgia in the senior ladies event will only be sending one entry, that a nation with only two entries.. such as Korea or Canada or the United States.. should just earn an extra spot. But that will never happen!

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