Friday, March 26 did kim yuna get a fair score for her short program?

Without having seen the levels I can't really give a complete 100% sure answer, but I think so. I don't think she was undermarked if that's what you mean. She had problems on three of the eight elements, not even getting credit for one of them, and barely any credit for the other two. The middle half of the program really suffered from it, too.

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Anonymous said...

I think that she scored a 60 for making some major errors (0 points for a spin; Level 1 spiral sequence; DG 3F) speaks to her ability not to fall apart. She still did a great 3Z-3T. I bet that was 12 points right there! She probably got a +GOE on her 2Axel and decent scores on her other spins and foot work.

I mean Rachael barely beat her and she had a basically clean program. And other skaters at the competition can only dream of getting a 60 with their best efforts.