Friday, March 26 Do you think Mirai will implode under the pressure or will Frank keep her calm? Why did they put her over Mao--that's a pretty huge political dig at Mao in my view.

I was surprised at Mirai's score because I thought the triple toe should have been downgraded. With the score, I'm assuming she got credit. But her spins were the best in the field, easily, and everything about the rest of her program was solid. Asada had to have received the downgrade on the triple Axel, which again I thought was close.. but she didn't skate with the speed or energy that Mirai did. However, she looks so much more relaxed and happy in this competition as I noted, and I really enjoyed her a lot more today.

Until I see the levels called and the rest of the protocols, I can't say much else. I am quite surprised by Nagasu's sudden boost in program components, though. It's all about that skate order; the judges are proving that over and over again.

I forgot to answer whether she would implode or not. Honestly, I don't think so. She seems really in control of her nerves, but then again, she's never been in this position before.


Timothy Chen said...

I think it is still possible her jump was downgraded-- I mean, Joannie had a score of 70 some even though she only had a triple double combination. Admittedly, Mirai doesn't have as much expression yet, but still.

Tony said...

You know, that's a good point. Her components scores are comparable to what Joannie receives and Nagasu is definitely the better spinner. She may very well have gotten the downgrade.. imagine her score for going clean..